Vintage Styled Underwear

Fancy yourself as a silver screen vixen? Well, we’re happy to say that underwear designers also seem to be keen on recreating the more glamorous vintage lingerie styles that flatter the female form and create that devastating hourglass figure that women want to have and men want to see!

It’s never been so fashionable to flatter your curves with retro styled bras and knickers.

Recommended Brands…

Kiss Me Deadly Stunning and sexy vintage styles from this top brand!
Sassy Suspenders Love those multi strap styles? These are your guys!
What Katie Did Deliciously dark and ideal for the retro femme fatal!
BlueBella Soft, satin and mesh styling infuses the collections from this brand!

Why So Popular?

We’re seeing lots of longline girdles, bras, multi strapped suspenders, waspies, high waisted briefs and other vintage styles becoming commonplace on the high street again. Fuddy duddy lingerie catalogues with heavy reliance upon the beige are being replaced by sensual boutique styles with luxurious embellishments and sexy colours. Other undies styles that were previously relegated to all our grandmother’s underwear drawers are also now seeing a resurgence in popularity, with a shed load of designers updating, revitalising, and generally sexing them up for the new century.

We’re even seeing a return to grace by those Marilyn Monroe style pointy bras, a sensual and essentially feminine look which has just a hint of naughtyness that men seem to just love. Why did they ever fall out of fashion we have to ask ourselves?!

In particular there’s been a massive increase in naughty underwear styles reflecting these retro and vintage styling. Top brands such as What Katie Did have been capitalising on their female form flattering designs for quite some time.

We think the reason for the increase in popularity of these styles has a lot to do with body image – the designers back then knew how to make the most of the female form and there were no skeletal models pushing fashion based on unrealistic body shapes.

At last vintage styling is back with a great range of undies which appeal to real women and are designed for real bodies. Long may it last!

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