The hosiery world has always been one open to innovation, and SkinKiss caffeine tights – yes, you read that right – are no exception. Why caffeine? The concept is revolutionary, and one that is of great interest to those who are looking to tighten up their waistline!

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Caffeine Tights
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Brand ProfileWhat happens with the slimming process is that the caffeine in the tights, introduced in the manufacturing process, reacts with the wearers natural body heat, and this has been proven to help tighten up the skin naturally. The company claims that wearing its product daily for four weeks can reduce thigh measurement by two centimetres.

The personnel at the top of this innovative brand are experienced in the fashion world and understand what the average woman wants, and the product range is kept to the simple and very innovative caffeine tights range; this is what the business is built around, and the publicity generated by the seemingly unusual approach has led to these weight loss tights becoming very popular indeed.

There is little in the way of gimmickry in the approach, and the methods used are purely scientifically devised – the tights are designed to be functional yet are not obtrusive, and will look good on any pair of legs.

Revolutions in slimming technology generally come in the shape of potions and diets, but the SkinKiss approach is decidedly different; it may seem odd at first that caffeine is used in the construction of hosiery, but the process is a proven one with testimony to back up the claims.

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