Founded in 1999 by the ex-Managing Director of Gossard, Mark Pilkington, Splendour first began as a solely internet business before moving its products into exclusive boutiques and department stores. more…

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Brand Profile

When it was formed, the company gained investment from British undergarment stalwarts M&S. This combined with the founders background in the underwear fashion industry truly made it a name to watch right from its inception.  With a strong focus on luxury and quality the brand quickly gained a celebrity following for its innovative products designed to be worn underneath daring fashion.

Bras and support solutions for impossibly-cut dresses and occasion wear, with innovations such as the frontless bra assured Mark Pilkington’s brainchild of great retail success. In 2006 they became part of Slimma plc. Splendour promises to understand that people want to feel good in their underwear, but also believe that seducing begins with all the clothes on; and the sexiest clothes need special lingerie to help them work (for example, nude backs, transparent clothing and tight skirts and dresses).

Ranges of solution based underwear give women the chance to wear “even the most impossible outfit”!

Their current range of bras and shapewear “for dressing from the outside in”, includes:

Low Cut Dresses – Offering a bra that is “frontless”, with the standard support but a low linked join decorated like a jewellery chain, to give the impression it is part of the dress.

Low Backed Outfits – Using diamante, thin straps or low chain, helping the customer achieve the low backed dress look without the embarrassing strap through the middle.

“Impossible Dresses” – Delicate thin straps of jewellery in white chain and stones support this bra, covering the smallest area and also looking like part of the dress.

Ultimate Cleavage – Using the “Splendourbra”, you will turn heads with incredibly rounded pushed-up cleavage, also offering an increase of up to two sizes.

Strapless Outfits – offers a fit without the top straps, making off the shoulder numbers easy.

Halter necks – More strapless, thin strapped and non slip designs.

Body Shaping – As series of support bras and knickers, designed to hold everything in and create a slim, smoother body shape.

Bridal Dresses – Top strapless sets in elaborate white lace and satin, perfect for under the dress, as well as basque, suspenders and stockings.

Maternity РComfortable, soft maternity  sets.

To Keep Cool – Sports technology with fashion technology, this uses a new fabric blend designed to keep you cool.

Bust Minimization – Seam free cups and silicon cushioned wires and straps reduce the projection of the bust while being comfortable.

Splendour Lingerie offers it’s customers a huge range of tried and tested bras and shapewear designed to make whatever you wear over the top, work. Tested by celebrities and the public alike, it is a excellent place to visit when you have something a little daring to wear, and don’t want your support seen, and for confidence and comfort in formal wear.

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