Review: Who Made Your Pants – Are These The Most Ethical Knickers in The World??

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Price: £ 10

Size Range: 8 to 18

The Size We Bought: 12

Where We Bought It:

About The Pants…
Got a social conscience? Like things hand made in the UK?  Who Made Your Pants are a workers co-op which aims to give marginalised women great new skills by teaching them how to manufacture extremely gorgeous knickers. Not only that, but their fabric is ethical too, it’s sourced from materials sold on by the industry at the end of the season.

Fashioned in gorgeously soft and stretchly lace, their line of boyshort knickers are designed to sit seamlessly under clothing and hug you in all the right places. I road tested their “Ravishing Red” knickers – see below to find out how they scored!

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I loved the pretty scalloped edges and feminine detailing on these shorts. They are hipster cut, hug your contours, and sit in a beautifully straight line when worn.

Small touches like the ribbon rose detailing create a very feminine and pretty look.

Sheer lace makes for a sexy look - but it scores high on comfort with me!

A closer look at the scalloped edges, one of the crowning glories of these knickers. The waistband in particular sits beautifully and looks amazing thanks to this pretty edging.


Fit 9/10 I’ve owned lace knickers in the past and very quickly consigned them to the never wear pile thanks to awkward cuts and poor fabric that left my fragile bits exposed to the elements. However these fitted beautifully – they’ve been cleverly designed to be completely seamless.

I loved the fact that the waisband didn’t dig into my hips. I have a classic hourglass figure and boyshorts often give me an unattractive muffin top, however this pair skimmed my curves and sat on my body as if they were floating a couple of millimeters from my skin. I’d probably have scored them 10/10 if I wasn’t pregnant, the hipster cut was a little on the low side for me at the moment!

Design 10/10 Try as I might, I just couldn’t find fault with these. The fabric is beautifully feminine, there’s been great attention to detail with the pretty scalloped edges and the “ribbon rose” detailing in the centre.

They’re sexy, functional, and there’s a simplicity about them that makes them more appealing to me than a lot of knickers on the market today which just seem to try too hard.

Comfort 8/10 Light as air and with a “barely there” feel to them, these will appeal to anyone looking for a lightweight knicker fit.

The lace is soft and stretchy which is in stark contrast to some of the itchy and scratchy lace knickers I’ve worn in the past. These are definately designed to be worn and used rather than just looked at, but have the distinct benefit of being very sexy too. Win win!

Value 10/10 Handmade in the UK, 100% ethical, and they’re ten quid? You’d be hard pressed to buy the same on the high street for something made in China and without all the feelgood factor. Brilliant. If you’re really tight, wait until they’re having a sell off of some of their seconds. I note that they are doing 5 pairs for a tenner at the moment.
Overall 9/10 Comfortable, ethical, and gorgeous!

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