Calvin Klein

You too can now look great, even when you’re asleep! All you have to do is grab some of this gorgeous Calvin Klein sleepwear and pyjamas range, and grab some Z’s. Your dreams will be extra comfortable and stylish in this fab designer night gear. more…

Current Bestsellers…

Model Sport
Modal Sport

Modal Sport range is styled in soft Modal jersey with a relaxed fit and look.
Ribbed Essentials with Lace
Essentials with Lace

Essentials with Lace is styled in soft, draping fabric in light and subtle colours with a lace trim.

Berry range features soft, feminine colour in comfy Modal fabric.
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Brand Profile…

Brand Profile

This is one brand that has an enduring appeal. We seriously don’t know why they even bother advertising. Who doesn’t covet some of their cool designer items? These days, you can even take Calvin to bed with you, sporting one of their fabulous sleepwear lines.

Once the underwear line was created way back in 1982 and became a huge success, sleepwear and nightwear was also added to the CK ranges when it was realised people still want to be stylish in their jimmy jams.

Style and comfort sleep hand in hand with the beautiful ranges of pyjamas, chemises, and sleep separates. Modal fabrics are combined with cutting edge designs, cool cuts, and feminine fits. You’ll never want to get dressed again girls!

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