A traditional sensual treat, most women have a naughty basque stowed away in their erotic armoury. The beautiful form of this type of underwear seems to be tailored to score a direct hit on the male libido, hence it’s enduring appeal!

If you want to set the mood for a bit of seduction, the basque is a great bit of lingerie kit to invest in. They can also have great body sculpting properties if they happen to be boned – and for bigger busted ladies the ready availability of underwired options means that they can enjoy naughty looks with great support built in.

The combination of the nipped waist, stockings, suspenders, and the often sheer lacy construction of the bra cups means that the seduction value of these ever popular lingerie items is absolutely sky high. For the more adventurous seductress there’s a variety of cupless or quarter cup styles that leave the bust temptingly exposed, creating a hugely naughty look that’s sure to inspire a bit of erotic fun.

If you’re not sure about wearing one of these due to the suspenders, why not buy one with detachable garters. This means that you can wear them with some sexy hold ups which give the same effect without fiddling around with fastenings. This is especially handy if you’ve enjoyed a nice glass or two of vino collapse with your significant other before getting dressed up for a bit of naughty fun!

Basques will always be a popular way to spice up your love life, we love this spicy and alluring form of underwear.

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