Supremely sexy and loved for their ability to smooth out life’s little lumps and bumps – let’s hear it for the corset!! Enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to our newfound fascination with all things vintage fashion, this underwear genre has a huge variety of styles available ranging from supremely naughty boudoir wear to sassy and edgy outerwear that’s great for a night out on the town.

Women love them for their ability to create that hourglass figure that’s become so popular again as our attentions turn to the 1940’s and 1950’s when the natural curves of the female form were celebrated and valued. Corsets and bustiers create a smooth silhouette and are great for seduction thanks to their burlesque looks and ability to create that naughty overstuffed cleavage that drives men wild and fills women with confidence.
From waspies and waist nippers to underbust corsets and skirted bustiers, there’s a style to suit every taste and seduction preference. Silks, satins, even PVC and latex can be easily found meaning there’s great potential to buy several for every day of the week.
Our favourite part of this new fashion fad is the great prices that can be found. The mass market means that whilst corsets were previously a luxury lingerie garment, you can now pick yourself up a very good looking bit of corsetry fashion for less than thirty quid – and that’s likely to include matching items such as a thong.
If you’re a bit body conscious getting yourself one of these highly popular garments is a great way to look and feel great in one sexy package!

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