You could never accuse crotchless underwear of being one of the subtle seduction tools – but that’s why it’s popular! It’s bold, brash and it works… men love it and women keep buying it because of this.

There’s a huge amount of lingerie on the market where you can quite literally let it all hang out! From naughty knickers to bodystockings and other naughty sets there’s almost no end to the options for naughty guys and gals who want to grab themselves some erotic boudoir gear.

If you’ve never worn crotchless underwear before it does go without saying that a bit of maintenance on the old downstairs garden is essential before putting on this kind of underwear. The effect is somewhat lost if you have an entire herbaceous border sticking out in all directions (unless that’s what you and your significant other are into of course, in which case leave it be!!).
Wearing some naughty knickers under a dress for a night out and then letting on to your fella that you’ve got an erotic secret just for him is a massive turn on. Just don’t let on when he’s had a few too many or he may not be able to contain himself until you’ve gotten him home ;)

The great thing about open crotch underwear is that it’s an absolute dead cert in the bedroom. Your fella would have to have the libido of a block of wood for the sight of you with your intimate area so beautifully framed not to have a passion inducing effect upon him.

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