10 Things You Didn’t Know About Womens Underwear

Here at Lingerie Brands we love all the little factoids we discover about underwear and it’s wily ways. So by way of sharing, here’s 10 things we’re convinced you wouldn’t know about womens underwear!

1. We all know “lingerie” is French, but did you know that it’s derived from a word which means “washable” or “to do the laundry”. Not our idea of sexy!

2. The first bra patent was listed in 1914 by NYC socialite Mary Phelps Jacob. She needed an undergarment to go with a daring evening gown and discovered that her whalebone corset ruined the look of the dress. Two silk hankies and some ribbon – and the brasserie was born!

3. Bra cup sizes weren’t invented until 1928 – considering that underwear retailers still reckon 85% of women wear the wrong size you might be forgiven for wondering why anyone bothered!

4. During the American prohibition years an exciting fashion trend for leg garters emerged.  Highly fashionable flapper girls would have small pockets in their garters to make sure they always had a much needed tipple directly to hand!

5. White bras are the most popular. Tea Rose (a sort of feminine beige) was most popular for much of the 20th century until the 1970s when skin tones took over in the popularity stakes.

6. The thong was invented to get around laws created by New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia ordering exotic dancers to cover up their privates – the thong did exactly that, but only just!

7. The modern bikini was invented by a car engineer turned lingerie shop manager in 1946, but images of women wearing bikini-esque garments have been found dating back to Roman times!

Nice work if you can get it... Louis Reard, the inventor of the modern bikini.

8. A 1956 movie called “Baby Doll” featured a virginal main character wearing a very flimsy nightgown.  The popularity of this nightwear style has lasted ever since!

9. Traditional black is still considered the most sexy underwear colour.

10. Stockings were invented in 1589 – to be worn by men!

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