How to Put On PVC Clothing & Lingerie & Wear It Well!

When you’ve purchased your kinky PVC outfit your thoughts are solely on the sexy evening ahead. However, PVC can be tricky to put on and wear so we’ve put together our very own how-to guide for fans of fetish lingerie and clothing. Here you’ll find out how to put on PVC clothing and lingerie flawlessly!

How To Put On PVC Clothing & Lingerie

PVC owes its popularity to its shiny fabric and breathtaking tightness that shows off every detail of your body. Clothing and lingerie so tight-fitting doesn’t come without its challenges so keep reading our guide on putting on PVC products.

  • PVC is typically much cheaper than latex but that doesn’t mean the routine for wearing your PVC should be any less careful. The first thing to be completely sure of is your actual body measurements. The tape measure doesn’t tell lies ladies, so get measuring before ordering anything.
  • Don’t rush the getting ready process because if you are hot and bothered your PVC will be even harder to pull on. So give yourself plenty of time to get ready and make sure you are completely dry after your shower.
  • You can apply some talc to your body before putting your PVC ensemble on, this can make it easier to pull your outfit on.
  • Take off any jewellery that might snag – you can pop it back on once you are dressed.
  • Make sure you pull your costume or lingerie up slowly, too quickly and you may end up with lumps and bumps. You also risk tearing the material if you are too rough pulling it on.
  • To make the process as easy as possible it’s best to have one hand inside the garment and one on the outside – you see now why removing jewellery is a must.
  • Pull your outfit on slowly and carefully, pulling one bit at a time and smooth as you go. I don’t think kinks in the fabric is what they mean by the kinky look!
  • Once it’s on, move around a little, checking everything is comfortable and in its rightful place.
  • Pop any jewellery you took off back on at this point as long as you are happy in your garment.
  • Job done, it can seem daunting if you aren’t used to PVC but it gets easier the more you wear it.

How To Wear PVC

Once you’ve mastered getting the PVC lingerie or clothing on you will enjoy the way it feels against your skin. The shiny, smooth fabric will have you feeling highly charged and erotic. Your lover will enjoy taking in every curve your body provides in the figure-hugging material. Whether it’s a sexy night in or a date night – your PVC won’t let you down.

Highly comfortable and durable, you’ll be amazed how easily you move around in your PVC garment. And the good news is it’s easier to get back off which is always handy during the throes of passion!

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