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Sexy Fishnet lingerie – it’s see through, and it’s one of the most traditional forms of erotic lingerie.  Fishnet women’s underwear has been popular for many decades and it’s showing no signs of slowing down in terms of design innovation.  The very best erotic undies designers just don’t seem to be able to resist a bit of sheer or fishnet detailing or even garments made entirely of this fabric – and with good reason.

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There’s something about getting that glimpse of the bare flesh underneath erotic styles that drives men wild and makes women feel great and empowered when wearing it. In recent times, mens undies have got in on the act and there seems to be a huge range of posing pouches, jockstraps, vests, and other items available for the guys to wear for that naughty night in or weekend away.

Probably the most enduringly popular item of fishnet underwear has to be the bodystocking. They come in all shapes, sizes, and a bewildering range of mesh grades.  From crotchless styles in traditional black to neon pink to fine mesh whole body suits in sizes all  the way from small to queen size, there’s something for just about every single taste.


What Different Types of Fishnet Underwear Are There?

Take your pick from hosiery, babydolls, knickers, and more – if you can think of it there’s a good chance it’s been made!

This traditional favourite will be around forever, we’ve listed some of the most popular erotic lingerie brands who have a good selection of fishnet and mesh styles above – if they can’t scratch your itch for some sensual undies for the weekend then we just don’t know who or what will!

Fishnet Bodystockings

Bodystockings are one of the most desired pieces of sexy underwear due to their versatility. Whether you want it to be peeled off or left on during sex, there are plenty to choose from. Fishnet fabric is ever so popular in the bedroom, for role-play or other sexual play. Fishnet bodystockings come in an array of designs including crotchless, open crotch, halterneck, zig-zag, long-sleeved, short-sleeved and sleeveless.

Mesh Tights and Stockings

Fishnet tights are a huge deal everywhere and while you might think of iconic figures such as Marilyn Munroe wearing them they are being worn by women universally. Stockings and tights with a fishnet design are a very forgiving fabric for any curves. They do accentuate those curves amazingly well while being comfortable and sexy. There are some extremely seductive and alluring choices out there and for an extra memorable night why not pair with some naughty accessories?

Sexy Fishnet Dresses

Picture this… a sexy dress, fishnet design and you looking mighty hot! Dressing up like this for a night of passion will be a big hit. A sexy dress does what it says on the tin – makes you feel at your best. Fishnet dresses play to your best bits and hug those curves leaving any partner or date wanting more of you. You can choose a sexy dress which best flatters your body shape for the ultimate in body confidence. Read our article here (possibly link to the body shape article piece?)

Fishnet Teddys

Teddys in a fishnet style is a great way of contouring your body and oozes sex appeal. Fishnet teddys stretch to your body shape and you can choose a pattern to show off as much or as less skin as you like. You can get them with a thong-style to the rear, low cut or high neck, spaghetti straps or ones with a criss-cross strap design. Paired up with a wig and some other role play and you will have the time of your life.

Fishnet Basques

Basques are a seductive and pretty form of lingerie consisting of a tight corset which covers the top body as far as the hips in most cases. They differ from corsets in so much as they have cups so offer more support for the breasts. These basques are often coupled with suspenders and stockings to complete the bedroom look. For a night of dominatrix, you could add a collar, some bondage straps and other naughties.

Fishnet Knickers

Fishnet knickers can show everything or very little depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Some have a cute fishnet trim and others are fully fishnet in their pattern. They come as Thongs, high rise, low rise, crotchless, gem-studded and in an array of colours stemming from black to neon.

History of Fishnet Fabric In Hosiery & Lingerie

What started as a pair of tights grew and grew until fishnet outfits were becoming more and more sought after. Fishnets grew in popularity from the 1920s, although there was a reference to them before this time too. They became popular among the showgirls due to their ability to show off glimpses of flesh as they danced, adding some extra sparkle and sexiness into their routines. They were also comfortable to dance in and able to withstand flexible dance routines.

Popularity escalated in the 1950s when fishnet clothing became a big thing for pin-up girls. During the 1970s this rocketed when fishnets were worn by punks, goths, and other fashion which adopted a more daring look.

Get Into The Groove with Sexy Fishnet

Madonna is probably the most iconic woman who wore fishnet outfits – stockings, tops, dresses and bodysuits were rocked by her. This accounted for the fashion industry taking fishnet to the next level by the 1990s creating an abundance of outfits ranging from mildly seductive to full on racy.

Today, fishnet lingerie consists of panties, stockings, bodystockings, teddies, corsets, basques, bustiers, sexy dresses, babydolls and even male jockstraps. Fishnet lingerie allows women to feel empowered and naughty in the bedroom while looking and feeling fabulous. It’s hard to imagine a time where fishnet lingerie won’t be popular by women and men alike. It’s definitely here to stay, in and out of the bedroom.

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