PVC Lingerie & Clothing

PVC lingerie & clothing appeals to BDSM enthusiasts, fetish-lovers, and alternative fashion fans. It’s widely enjoyed due to its physical sensations and striking visual appeal.

For the bedroom, PVC lingerie offers new sensual experiences and can be an exciting addition to any relationship. PVC clothing can include sexy dresses, skirts, bras, bralettes, knickers, and basques. Tight-fitting and snug you can show off your every curve and the stretchy material means you don’t skimp on comfort.

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PVC Style Guide

Like the idea of wearing PVC but unsure of what to buy? Well, read on to discover our very own PVC style guide. We will soon have you kitted out in the best PVC outfit.


You can take your pick when it comes to PVC dresses – mini, skater, halterneck, or plunging in style. These dresses fit like a glove, and the shiny material will have you oozing in confidence. Some styles have a front zip so you are in control of where the zip stops, leaving you to reveal as much or as little as you wish.


Wet look PVC corsets will flatter your body shape and tease your lover – what’s not to love about that? Enjoy showing off your cleavage and waist in a regular or underbust corset. Of course, corsets can be paired up with stockings and heels to add some extra zing. A PVC corset will pull you in, in all of the right places.


Set your lover’s heart racing in a daring PVC bra or bralette. Your cleavage will stand out to anyone lucky enough to see. PVC bras come plain, with buckles, zips, and studs so you can choose to your exact tastes. Whether you are aiming for a biker chick or a more fetish look you can pair your bra up with other accessories.


To add an instant fetish theme to your outfit then why not add some PVC stockings into the mix? Shiny from your toes to your upper body, stockings give you a flawlessly smooth look. PVC stockings are the perfect addition to bra and knickers sets or that mini dress. They have the extra benefit of elongating your legs.


A plain PVC G-string or perhaps one with a chain, an open crotch, or zip will suit you the most? You have lots of choices available, and a pair of PVC knickers can be a good starting point when starting out in the world of PVC. Find a style that suits you and your body shape and you’ll be surprised at how sexy you look.

How Does it Feel to Wear PVC?

PVC is a soft fabric to wear and offers a degree of flexibility too. The glossy shine coupled with the sensual feel of PVC makes it hugely popular among fetish and bondage lovers. Its figure-hugging qualities together with its smoothness against your skin can offer sensual pleasures not found in many other materials.

What is PVC Made Of?

PVC is made from a plastic called Polyvinyl Chloride and is why this type of clothing is often referred to as Vinyl clothing. Certain chemicals are added to PVC to achieve the soft feel that PVC is known for. This material is hard-wearing and resistant to dirt and oils.

How To Put On & Wear PVC

It’s important to lead up to putting on your PVC outfit by preparing first. Jumping in the shower, quickly drying, and then attempting to pull on your outfit will have quite disastrous results. Preparation is the key to success here.

You can put some talc or lubricant on the inner of the garment and on your skin. Once you’ve done this it will go on your body  a lot easier. Be sure to be careful if you have jewellery on or sharp nails – femininity isn’t your friend right now. When pulling it on and over your body, be sure to keep a tight grasp so it goes on smoothly.

How To Care For Your PVC Lingerie & Clothing

Once you take your PVC item off you can then wipe it down with warm water. If you feel it needs a more thorough clean then you can do so by hand washing in warm water with a very small amount of detergent. You can then rinse your item thoroughly and dry it away from the sun. You can store your item in a cool place away from any heat sources and of course away from direct sunlight.

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