Classified Costumes – Sexy Outfits For Seduction!

Role play brings new experiences to the bedroom and is also a real confidence booster as you step into a new personality. Whatever your desired character take a look at these costumes from the Classified brand.

Classified Miss Alice Costume

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality” according to Lewis Carroll so why not escape from reality in this sexy Alice in Wonderland costume. The costume consists of  the dress, white stockings and black bow headband. Curiouser and curiouser your lover will become when they see their very own Alice all dressed up.


  • Alice in Wonderland dress with puffed sleeves and A-line skirt.
  • White stockings to match the outfit.
  • Black bow headband for added authenticity.
  • Zip up fastening to the back.

Classified Plus Size French Maid Outfit

You’ll certainly make bells ring dressed as this French maid! With the satin feel dress complete with tie up apron you will be in high demand for your services on this day. The tie-up front and flared skirt will allow for lots of fun role play.


  • French Maid costume complete with apron.
  • Tie up front to show off your cleavage.
  • Short skirt with flare.
  • The square neckline and flared shoulders draw attention to the bust.

Classified Adult Pinafore and Boater Costume

Back to school sex education takes on a whole new meaning with this five-piece sexy adult’s school costume. Get ready for lessons in this navy pinafore complete with a blouse, tie, thigh-high socks and a straw hat.


  • Navy pinafore with pleated skirt.
  • White blouse and tie.
  • Thigh-high navy socks.
  • Straw hat.

Classified Fence Net Stockings

The clever diamond effect on these sexy stockings flatter those legs effortlessly. These fishnet stockings are the perfect choice to team with your lingerie, or heck even wear them on their own! The black band at the top of each leg will hold those suspender straps perfectly. Perfect to showcase any costume or lingerie set.

classified wide net stockings


  • Fence net stockings flatters and smooths those legs.
  • Show off your skin with the diamond design.
  • Wide tops perfect for attaching suspender straps.
  • Complete the look with a pair of heels and your favourite costume.

Costumes are so versatile and you can take it as far as you are comfortable with by adding accessories and extras. Showcase your body in a sexy costume from Classified.

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