Baci Lingerie – Sophisticated & Seductive Women’s Underwear

Sweet, tempting, seductive and with more than a hint of erotic charm – Baci Lingerie should appeal to anyone looking for a more sophisticated line of erotic underwear.

The brand is an international concern with its designs available all over the world, its wide base of popularity underlines the demand for the unique and erotic style on offer from this brand. Despite its wide distribution this is a relative newcomer to the world of naughty underwear.

In keeping with the times, they have successfully combined a strong sense of style and sensuality with some very affordable prices. You can own one of their items from just £2.99.

Baci (which is pronounced BAH-chee) is Italian for kisses. Very appropriate although we suspect you’d get a teeny bit more than kisses when you put on one of their sexy ensembles. Their range comprises mainly of chemises, thongs, bra sets, and the odd body stocking. We absolutely love their high end imagery which creates a real feel of high end luxury without the price tag.

The luxurious feel of shopping with this brand does not end with the pictures however, each one of their sexy underwear items will arrive elegantly packaged which makes it great for effortless gifting. With their styles ranging from relatively demure chemises and baby dolls fashioned in fabulously floaty fabric to outrageous and daring crotchless and peek-a-boo styles, you can choose your own raunch level!

One size fits all may be the only slight let down with this brand, but so far they are getting good reviews so clearly Baci Lingerie is managing to follow this sizing policy without compromising too much on fit.