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When it comes to sexy lingerie Classified has a world beating pedigree, from stockings and suspenders to naughty costumes this brand is well known for it’s flirty yet comfortable styling.

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Classified is one of the biggest names in the sexy underwear business. They quite literally have hundreds of designs on the market at any given time and keep their prices at a level that ensures this brand stays at the top of the bestsellers list when it comes to seductive styles for that naughty night in or sexy weekend away.

Although definately mass produced there’s real quality and attention to detail in the labels designs. Highly rated by sensual shoppers everywhere their ranges are far reaching and eclectic. From crotchless knickers to sexy costumes and even a line of mens undergarments. We love the skill with which this label brings traditional naughty styles up to date, adding a contemporary twist that’s often infused with a class and femininity missing from similar brands. The prices from this brand are often very competitive meaning that you can have the look of luxurious erotic styles without actually having to put a massive dent in your bank balance.

If you’re dressing for seduction give this brand a try – you’ll find something to push all the right buttons in the Classified collection!

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