Sexy Knickers

When you think of the items you need for a romantic night with your lover, near the top of that mental list will be sexy knickers. Not only will they give you a confidence boost but also they will give your other half a visual treat. Once you find a pair that flatter your body shape without scrimping on the sex appeal you’ll wonder how you managed without them.

Sexy knickers come in an abundance of styles, some are modestly seductive and others are outrageously devilish. Perhaps you are more about the sexy lace knickers as opposed to Crotchless thongs? Maybe you prefer high waisted knickers to a sex toy come Pearl thong? Whatever your tastes, we’ve got you covered in our sexy knickers style guide.

Why Sexy Knickers Are a Budget Friendly Sexy Lingerie Item

You don’t have to spend a week’s wages to look great either – with sexy knickers you can achieve your desired look at a low cost. As well as looking fabulous on their own they can also help to breathe new life into another piece of lingerie you already have. Sexy knickers look incredibly seductive worn under a babydoll or chemise and by adding the knickers into the mix there is more fabric to admire and explore.

Sometimes it can seem daunting and expensive trying to achieve the perfect look and we are here to tell you otherwise. You’ll never have to stress about spending a fortune again – in fact, maybe you can treat yourself to a couple of pairs – you deserve it!

Top Sexy Knicker Types

We’ve told you that sexy knickers are the way forward and perfectly achievable on a budget – any budget in fact. So now we are going to really spoil you and share our top style suggestions when it comes to sexy knickers. Get comfortable and enjoy our complete guide below.

Crotchless Knickers & Thongs

Crotchless knickers and thongs need zero introduction and very little explanation. Panties with easy access to your most intimate area, it doesn’t get much sexier than that let’s be honest. Coming in fabrics such as wet-look, lace, and sheer makes this style incredibly popular. Often chosen by fetish fans, Crotchless undies make a great addition to some bondage-style bedroom fun.

Pearl Thongs

Commonly made from lace, Pearl thongs are a sexy and exciting choice of bedroom wear. You can get these with a single row of pearls or even a double row. Made famous by the iconic series “Sex And The City”, the pearls are strategically placed to provide intimate stimulation as you move around. They look elegant with their jewellery theme and make for a very pleasing bedroom choice. Lots of women swear by Pearl thongs and claim it spices up the bedroom foreplay.

See Through Knickers

Never underestimate how attractive the dressed yet undressed look is, especially when we are talking about our range of see-through knickers. Your intimate area is covered yet visible which will be a huge turn-on for your lover. The sheer or lace fabric of see-through panties feels soft and sensuous against your skin too. The alluring nature of sheer fabric lets your hips, crotch, and rear shine through.

Suspender Knickers

Suspender knickers are hugely popular due to their clever design and delicate fabrics. They make adding stockings so easy and once attached there will be no awkward adjusting to do. They offer that missing piece of the jigsaw allowing you to combine two pieces of lingerie. Suspender panties come in all kinds of styles and are often made of lace which magnifies your figure wonderfully.

High Waisted Knickers

Flattering and comfortable are two reasons why so many women opt for high-waisted knickers. Due to their enhancing qualities, high-waisted are often chosen by women with some curves. These undies sit high up on your waist so you don’t get the awkwardness of tummy spilling out. Spoilt by fabric, you have a plethora of choices including lace, fishnet, wet-look, and mesh. Designed to pull the waist in, high-waisted knickers boost body confidence.

Sexy Lace Knickers

When you are looking for a lovely pair of seductive panties for date night then sexy lace knickers are always a great choice. Lace is sexy, it’s sassy, and it’s sensuous – it’s forever entwined with images of weddings, romance, and love. The lace patterns allow glimpses of your skin underneath which gives your lover lots to admire. Whether you opt for Brazilian, a thong, high-waisted, or Crotchless – sexy lace panties tick all the necessary boxes. Let’s not underestimate how comfortable and soft they feel too.

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