Caring For PVC Clothing & Lingerie

PVC clothing and lingerie won’t set you back as much as latex when we are looking at price tags. However, caring for your products is just as important if you want them to stand the test of time. PVC will leave you looking foxy and is highly prized by fetish fans so of course, you want to care for it correctly.

This is why we’ve put together a PVC clothing and lingerie care guide below. Follow this and get the very best out of your purchases.

Our Tips On How To Care For PVC

  • The trick with PVC is not to overstretch it as this can cause tears in the fabric and it can lose its shape too.
  • Use the appropriate and recommended products for cleaning your garments to keep them looking in tip-top condition.
  • You can choose to use other products which may be cheaper or more environmentally friendly, but be sure they are compatible first.
  • Why not simply take a shower with your PVC garment on? You can get away with some gentle body wash, mild shampoo, or just use warm water.
  • To avoid any nasty residue, be sure to towel dry the fabric once you’ve finished washing it.
  • If you notice any kinks in your garment that weren’t there before you can pull it back gently into shape and leave it to dry flat. Alternatively, a quick blow with the hairdryer at a low temperature can be a simple yet effective method.
  • Always remember that PVC has two enemies – heat and cold. They don’t like the extremes at all so bear this in mind when both washing, drying and storing your PVC.
  • Either hang your items up in the wardrobe or store them in a drawer – flat if possible as over folding can be a disaster. This is especially the case if it’s not worn very often.

PVC – What Not To Do

Life can be great with PVC if you take good care of it. We have shared below some things you should never attempt with PVC.


  • Chuck your garment in the washing machine and cross your fingers as you spin that dial! Believe me, you’ll regret it deeply. You may well have a setting suitable for your PVV garment which is great, but you also need to carefully consider the detergent used.
  • Be tempted to use fabric softener – it’s a big loud no.
  • Use detergents with perfumes in them – this can affect the longevity of your fabric.
  • Pop your item in the tumble dryer – ever! Remember the golden rules – not too cold, not too hot.
  • Dry your PVC near a fire or direct sunlight – unless you want a good cry.
  • When storing make sure the storage space won’t get too warm or cold – the cold can ruin PVC, making it brittle and nasty.
  • Use an iron. Never ever under any circumstances put that iron anywhere near your PVC.
  • Volunteer to light the barbecue all dressed in PVC. Step away from the fire and go and enjoy drinks in the corner instead!
  • Put different colours of PVC together for storage purposes – they may well stain.

Keeping PVC Shiny and In Shape

Technically, you don’t need to polish PVC as you do with latex. Having said this, you can still take steps to keep the shine looking as good as new. You should use a product specifically made to provide a glossy look to your PVC costume.

To keep your garment in shape while it’s being stored you can hang it up if it’s something suitable like a teddy. If it’s lingerie then flat in a drawer is best – avoid folding and mixing colours.

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