Babydoll Lingerie

They’re sweet, seductive, and can be as revealing or figure-flattering as you like! Babydoll Lingerie has been a must-have for a bit of naughtiness in the bedroom for many years.

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One of the great things about this type of underwear is its versatility. You can be a daring hussy or a sweet and demure innocent when you wear one of these sheer, floaty garments. Most undies brands worth their salt have a baby doll somewhere in their ranges. They are ever-popular and incredibly easy to wear.

Most Popular Babydoll Fabrics

Fabric choice can make a huge difference to how sexy you look and feel in naughty lingerie. Here’s our guide to the most popular fabric types for this seductive nightwear classic. If you aren’t quite sure what to go for, we’ve looked at how they feel during wear, and also the visual effect they create.

Black Lace Babydoll Set
Dark Enchantment Black Lace Babydoll Set by Lovehoney


Choosing a lace fabric gives your nightwear that touch of delicacy which will leave you feeling sexy and will awake your erotic senses.

Lacy babydolls have a lot of feminine detailing and can enhance your body as they drape effortlessly around your silhouette.

These sexy sheer lace nighties can offer a teasing glimpse of what lies underneath, making them a real hit with many couples.

Escante Pink Satin and Lace Babydoll Set
Escante Pink Satin and Lace Babydoll by Lovehoney


Soft to touch – satin fabric has the amazing ability to almost glide over your body. It drapes well, and gently caresses your skin.

It has a thicker feel to it than silk, meaning you’ll be more aware of the sensations of the smooth fabric resting on your gorgeous curves.

Seven 'til Midnight Plus Size Black Halterneck Lace and Mesh Babydoll Set
Seven ’til Midnight Halterneck Mesh Babydoll at Lovehoney

See Through

Soft, touchable, and mysterious – sheer fabric feels as good as it looks. A see through babydoll can set the scene for some seriously naughty fun.

Your intentions will be absolutely clear when you slide into one of these. You can choose your own level of transparency depending on how much you want to show off. Team up a sheer babydoll nightie with some naughty knickers and some stockings for maximum impact!


Why Are They Called Babydolls?

This classic nightwear style is rumoured to have originated with the 1950s movie of the same name which featured a nubile and innocent young starlet who seemed to spend an awful lot of time in a rather filmy nightdress.

The show was considered almost too raunchy for viewing and was almost banned. Whatever the origins, this type of boudoir wear has been popular since then with women all over the world!

What Is Babydoll Lingerie?

Babydolls are a luxurious and seductive nightdress which features a bra type top with a loose fitting body. Some are open at the front and they’re made from seductively floaty or sheer fabrics such as lace and satin.

You can buy matching underwear to complement your babydoll which sits just below the rear. Many styles have fitted cups which offers support to those with a more ample bust or those wanting to accentuate their breasts.

These popular nighties can be as feminine and as detailed as you want it to be. There’s so much choice  from style to detail to texture. Pretty little bows or lace around the cleavage can add that extra special something to your outfit. Babydolls are often selected as wedding night lingerie due to their versatility. It’s easy to find something to suit your body shape which will give you lots of confidence. Why not choose a more fitted set, or if you’d like a looser fit go for one that flows around your body. With so many underwear sets to compliment babydolls, you are spoilt for choice.

When choosing a babydoll style it’s so important to get the right fabric for you. If you choose the wrong one then you won’t feel as comfortable. What mood are you trying to create is an important question to ask yourself. Romance? Seduction? Tease? Innocence? You can buy a set which can look playful yet innocent at the same time which can be a huge bonus.

How To Choose & Wear Babydoll Lingerie?

The trick with these chemise style outfits is to choose the colour, length, and cut and tailor that to your levels of confidence.

If you’re vampish you can grab yourself a see-through black chiffon number that’s cut high and team it with a teeny tiny thong. The more body-conscious can find themselves a style that has a longer cut, perhaps offering good coverage around the rear, tummy, and thighs.

To add true impact you can add naughty suspenders and stockings, and even some high heels if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. These figure flattering nightdresses are ideal for plus size ladies. They accentuate those gorgeous curves beautifully!

What’s The Difference Between a Chemise & a Babydoll?

A chemise is typically tighter fitting than a babydoll, which is often very loose fitting and may be open at the front.

The two are often confused when in reality there are some differences which set them apart. Chemises in times gone by were typically worn next to the skin as an undergarment to protect outer clothing from sweat and body oils. In modern times, they are used as nightdresses / slips.

Babydolls tend to flow more especially around the hips and are often more detailed than chemises. They are also shorter in length, and fall anywhere between the thighs and the knees. Baby doll nighties are shorter than this, usually just covering the derrière.

What’s The Difference Between a Teddy and a Babydoll?

A teddy is a one-piece garment that you step into, similar to a swimming costume or bodysuit, albeit with a loose feel. Babydolls are a lot looser in feel and are typically matched with underwear.

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