What is Babydoll Lingerie?

The question “what is babydoll lingerie?” is often asked, as the cut is sometimes confused with other nightwear types.

Babydoll lingerie is usually a sexy loose fitting nightdress in a see through style. It features a bodice with bust support, and a filmy billowing skirt. Babydoll sets often come with a pair of sexy knickers. This lingerie type is well known for being very figure flattering, easy to wear, and super sexy!

Looking for a sexy new bedroom look and like the sound of Babydolls? Want to know what Babydolls have that other nighties don’t or perhaps you want to know what exactly defines babydoll lingerie? Can a woman of any shape and size wear a babydoll? This guide explains all this and lots more.

Nightie Terms Explained

Let’s start by having a clear understanding of the different words used to describe nightgowns!

Chemise: this is a nightie that typically sits above your knees and fits quite close to the body. Often made from silk or satin, Chemises are a popular form of bedroom wear. The differences between a chemise and a babydoll are quite clear once you know what you’re looking for.

Nightie: widely speaking, nighties tend to be plainer in style and design. They can be long in length or stop at the knees. They are loose fitting to wear and comfortable.

Babydolls: skimming your hips and flattering your curves, Babydolls hang loosely over the body. They can be see-through and often have a plunging neckline with added details such as bows.

Teddies: these items are a more tailored fit and more closely resemble bodysuits in their cut. They often comprise of a loose fitting camisole top with bottoms that look like french knickers.

What Is Babydoll Lingerie? A Look at Key Features

Babydoll lingerie usually has some main features which are classic of the Babydoll style. These include:-

  • Loose feel with a fuller skirt.
  • Material can be sheer, lace, or silk.
  • Extra detailing often included such as; bows, straps, diamantés, and ruffles.
  • Often they feature a plunging neckline to reveal the cleavage.
  • Babydolls sometimes feature cups for extra bust support.
  • Short in length, coming to mid-thigh or shorter.
  • Typically sleeveless with thin straps at the shoulders.
  • Sometimes comes with matching sexy knickers.

How To Wear a Babydoll?

Babydolls are super sexy so are a perfect choice for a romantic night in with your lover. The flattering style will have you oozing in confidence and they are also so versatile to wear. You can wear it on its own and look incredible but you can also team it up with some other accessories to look equally as hot. Babydolls often come with some matching knickers which compliment the nightie.

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You can wear some stockings and suspenders with your babydoll nightie which then look amazing in a pair of sexy heels. You could also choose a see-through robe to wear over the top – you’ll be like an exciting parcel waiting to be unwrapped – layer by layer. Pass the parcel just got very sexy!

What Body Shape Suits Babydolls?

Pretty much any body shape will look great in a Babydoll, it’s one of the reasons they are so popular. However women with apple shaped bodies particularly love these filmy nighties. They tend to be tummy flattering, so are a great choice for anyone feeling self conscious about their midsection. It’s not always easy to choose the right lingerie for your body type, but a babydoll or a chemise will suit anyone without compromising on sex appeal.

How will you know if you will suit a babydoll? Well, here’s the great thing – Babydolls are made to flatter so never be afraid to wear one. The low cut design coupled with the loose-fitting skirt means your body will look amazing in one. If you have a larger than average bust you will probably want one with more cup support.

Hopefully this guide will have answered the all important question about what babydoll lingerie is. If you are looking to be the proud owner of one of these see through nighties, you might find our guide on why babydoll nighties are called babydolls of interest!

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