What is the Difference Between a Chemise & Babydoll?

There are some very sexy lingerie types out there to choose from but the choices can sometimes be a little overwhelming. You might be looking for a sexy nightie, but struggling to understand what’s the difference between a chemise and a babydoll?

You aren’t alone and this article will leave you a lot more confident in telling the two apart. Knowing the differences between the two means you can then make an informed decision on which you prefer.

What Is A Chemise?

A chemise is a soft, loose fitting nightdress. Sometimes there may be a little structure around the cups. They are usually made from fabrics such as silk or satin.

Going back through history, Chemises were worn to create an extra layer between the skin and clothing. This kept clothes in better condition, stopping sweat and body oils from staining them. Back then they were just a plain slip as they weren’t seen by anyone but the owner. They’ve evolved a lot since then, and have become a nightdress that can very much be worn on its own.

Modern-day Chemises are sexy, stylish, and body-flattering. They can be worn on their own or with some extra accessories such as stockings. Fabrics include satin, silk, and mesh. They are generally longer and not as loose as some other nighties. Chemises usually have thin spaghetti straps and often feature lace trimming. They make a great bedroom choice for a romantic evening in.

Key Features Of A Chemise:

  • Close-fitting.
  • Longer in length.
  • Thin straps.
  • Lightweight.
  • Soft Fabrics.
  • Usually no bust support

You might also be wondering how to wear a chemise – don’t worry we’ve got you covered there too!

What Is A Babydoll?

A babydoll is a nightdress which often features cup support for the breasts. It’s cut to fall away from the underbust area and usually has a full, floaty skirt.

Lovehoney Plus Size Love Me Black Lace Soft Cup Babydoll Set

Babydolls became popular in the 1950s thanks to a film of the same name being screened. They were actually around before this but the original designer, Sylvia Pedlar, wasn’t a fan of the term “Babydolls” and avoided this term. After the film was released, they became very popular very quickly and were widely referred to as babydoll lingerie.

They’ve changed a great deal over the years and are now considered raunchy and flattering. They have a loose-fitting and somewhat flowing feel to them as they cascade around the hips. They are lightweight and often of sheer fabric giving glimpses of your body underneath. Typically seductively short in length, sometimes only just covering your derrière.

Key Features Of A Babydoll:

  • Loose-fitting.
  • Short in length.
  • Thin straps or halterneck.
  • With or without cup support.
  • Skims the body provocatively.
  • Often features an open back.

Chemise V Babydolls

Still confused as to which to purchase even now you know the key differences? Worried your body shape won’t suit one or the other? It is important to know your body well, and know which parts you are happy to show off. Don’t forget, you also have the option of adding a lightweight robe over the top which can be good if you feel a little self-conscious.

Chemises leave less room in them generally speaking so if you are concerned about unflattering lumps and bumps you might want to avoid them. However, there are styles out there designed specifically for plus size so if you are confident in your own body then don’t hold back. Chemises sometimes lack a bust area so if you were gifted a larger chest you might not feel very supported. Chemises cover more of your legs can be a plus if you aren’t keen on the tops of your legs.

Babydolls don’t fit as closely to the body so they can be more flattering to those more curvaceous figures. They also tend to flaunt your cleavage so if you are confident to show off your bust a babydoll might be your thing. Again, some Babydolls come without cup support so it’s important to do your homework first.  Babydolls show off those pins and often come with no straps, instead having a halterneck design.

Chemise V Babydolls: Key Differences

  • CHEMISES are longer in length.
  • BABYDOLLS are looser-fitting.
  • CHEMISES have thin straps.
  • BABYDOLLS often come as a halterneck.
  • CHEMISES are lightweight.
  • BABYDOLLS can be sheer.
  • CHEMISES can be silk, mesh, or satin.
  • BABYDOLLS have a plunging neckline.

Accessories For Babydolls And Chemises

You can of course wear one of these on their own – you will look every bit as amazing as you hope. You can also add a few extra details or accessories to your outfit which will further complement your look. We’ve listed our favourite Babydoll and Chemise accessories below.

Hopefully this guide has helped you to tell the difference between a chemise and babydoll. These iconic nightdress styles are both flattering and easy to wear!

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