Sexy Lingerie Bodysuits

Lingerie Bodysuits just keep growing in popularity and frequent many bedroom closets. They are often categorised online in the same breath as teddies but there are subtle differences which set them apart in their own right. Bodysuits are a one-piece lingerie item which fit in a similar way to a swimming costume or leotard. You step into its legs first and pull it over your body and up over your shoulders.

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They can smooth out the figure and iron out those not so flat areas which let’s admit is always a big plus. Some women wear them under their work clothes just to feel that little sexier. In fact, sexy bodysuits have even become an essential part of many women’s attire for nights out. They can be paired with nice jeans or a skirt for a fun night out.

However, we are here to discuss how sexy they are for the bedroom. Their sheer fabric lies comfortably against the skin and they often come in lace material for added elegance. With so many varieties of bodysuits, and an abundance of colours and styles you are incredibly spoilt for choice. Your bedroom is not complete without one of these bad boys.

Types of Sexy Bodysuit Lingerie

When shopping for your sexy bodysuit lingerie it’s important to choose wisely. Like with most items of clothing there is always something to flatter your body shape. On top of this, it’s imperative to be comfortable in the one you select. Perhaps you want to hide your modesties and not have them exposed. Or perhaps you specifically want crotchless so the fun can continue without removing it? Let’s study up on the various types of sexy bodysuit lingerie.


Many of the bodysuits available in today’s market are fashioned with lace. Who doesn’t love a bit of lace to feel seductive and divine? Lace can bring a bodysuit to life and the intricate detailing can accentuate those bits you want accentuating. Lace is there to add further sexiness to lingerie.


There is something very sexy about a bare back in the bedroom. Backless bodysuits visually please lovers and that flesh is just waiting to be kissed and fondled. A bareback will draw all attention down your back towards your rear. A fun way to tease and delight without going full out exposed.

Sheer See Through

By wearing a sheer bodysuit you can literally let your lover undress you with their eyes. Being dressed yet undressed is a major turn on and sure to get those temperatures soaring. Bare flesh under pretty material is all shades of sexy and just perfect for those romantic nights in. They also feel fabulous when on and you can flaunt every inch of your body.


Sometimes you just feel so sexy in an item of lingerie that you don’t want it coming off – the clothing gives you so much confidence. Well, with crotchless bodysuits your wish is our command ladies. You can enjoy your bodysuit and how it makes you feel all night long, even during the intimate moments of lovemaking. Of course, there are also the more practical advantages to crotchless including those calls of nature in the night.


Fishnet is one of those timeless fashions that offers so much versatility and it’s not different in the lingerie department. Sheer fishnet material really flatters your body in all the right ways thanks to the grid-like material showing little glimpses of flesh. The fabric is somewhat of an iconic material thanks to the likes of Sophia Loren and is the epitome of sexy. Fishnet bodysuits have it all – they tease, excite and will make any woman feel absolutely amazing which in itself hots up the atmosphere.

Plus size

Due to how flattering and varied bodysuits are you will find a bodysuit to fit any body shape including the more curvaceous of figures. Due to the high cut thighs, most bodysuits will showcase your body while hiding the parts you are more self-conscious of, for example the tummy. Plus size bodysuits often draw attention to the sensual cleavage area and your beautiful curves.

How To Wear Sexy Bodysuit Lingerie

Bodysuits have the unique ability to be simple yet stunning and this accounts for much of their popularity. A one-piece item of lingerie which quite frankly leaves you looking flawless and sexy – what’s not to like? They are versatile in terms of design, style and material. Open crotch, closed crotch, bareback, full back, plunge neckline, high neckline, sleeves or no sleeves – there is a bodysuit for any occasion and taste.

Once you’ve stepped into your bodysuit and pulled it up you can usually adjust the shoulder straps to suit. You can choose a bodysuit with inbuilt cups which not only flatters but it also supports your cleavage. Many have a hook and eye fastener on the back similar to normal bras.

Below we have a few suggestions on items of clothing to pair with a sexy bodysuit to really complete your look.

Matching Stockings

Let’s face it – stockings are always a bedroom winner to accompany sexy lingerie. Why only let your top half look good, what about those legs, they deserve some sizzle too! Stockings come in different fabrics so you are sure to find a set to compliment your bodysuit. Some bodysuits come with suspender straps to make things easier. Why not add a pair of heels for added elegance?

Sexy Robes

Why not add a sexy robe as an extra layer for bedroom fun? Your lover will enjoy the game of finding out what is underneath and it means you won’t freeze waiting for them to come home! There are a lot of sexy robes on the market and the lightweight ones are just perfect as an added extra. It is also a good option for the less confident among us who want to build up to baring it all.

Sexy Bra and Knickers Set

If you buy a bodysuit that doesn’t have inbuilt cup support you could opt for a sexy bra set. This will look particularly sexy if your bodysuit is see-through and will definitely please your lover. You will be like an elegant gift just waiting to be unwrapped layer by layer.

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