A History Of Crotchless Knickers – They’re Older Than You Think!

A history of crotchless knickers? Really? You might be very surprised to learn that naughty crotchless lingerie was around as early as the 1900s. Okay, we have to admit that at first they weren’t worn for sexual intentions but more to categorise women’s drawers from men’s.

However, it wasn’t far into the 1900s that they became a piece of lingerie worn with sexy fun in mind. Let’s explore the birth of crotchless knickers and look at their evolution over the decades.

history of crotchless knickers - lady's panties with bad ass written on the back

The Early 1700s – Let’s Go Commando

Knickers of any description weren’t a thing for women in the 1700s. Their outfits were always long and with underskirts, there just wasn’t need, or room, for drawers as well. In fact, it was really only prostitutes during this era that bothered with pants, which may surprise you.

The Late 1700s  – Split Drawers Became A Thing

Split drawers were worn near the end of the 1700s and into the 1800s but at this time it was for paradisal reasons. It made going to the toilet easier with all the garments and undergarments that were readily worn back then. Even to this day, women will vouch for the ease of crotchless knickers when it comes to the calls of nature.

The 1830s – Drawers and Pantalettes Were Normal

By the 1830s women had taken to wearing crotchless drawers day to day. However, it did seem to be a class thing with the lower class tending not to wear any at all still. So you knew you were posh if you had some crotchless drawers at home!

The 1860s – Lace and Colour Darling!

By the 1860s knickers had become more colourful and detailed with fabrics such as lace being introduced.

The 1900s – Crotchless And Naughty

In the 1930s crotchless knickers became widely regarded as an erotic style of lingerie. Who knew the idea of sexy open crotch knickers went back this far? It was at this point that crotchless knickers became very fashionable.

1949 – Tennis, Anyone?

A big turning point in sexy knickers came in 1949 and the bizarre location of a Wimbledon tennis match. If you haven’t heard of Gussie Moran then have a quick Google and you’ll see why it wasn’t her serve that was the focal point of that match! After this, many women started being more experimental with knickers and regarding them as something to show off, not hide.

Today – Sexy Knickers Galore

Lovehoney Red Lace Crotchless Criss-Cross Back Knickers
Crotchless Lace Knickers by Lovehoney

It’s safe to say there has never been a wider and more diverse selection of sexy knickers out there. Crotchless panties are worn for nights out and, not unlike the old days, it makes going to the loo easy and hygienic. There’s just less faff involved, let’s be honest.

Let’s also pay homage to the likes of Rihanna who brought out her very own “Fenty” range of crotchless knickers. With such a diverse range of crotchless styles on today’s market, it is no longer a hush subject that’s unladylike to speak of. Instead, it’s quite the opposite, women everywhere are embracing feeling empowered and free in their open crotch lingerie.

Next time you pop on your crotchless set, remember how much knickers have evolved over the years. When we look at all the sexy knickers options we have to this day it’s quite remarkable. So embrace those crotchless knickers just like they did all the way back then!

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