Teddy Lingerie

Teddy lingerie is a type of underwear which covers both the upper body and the crotch in a similar style to one-piece swimming costumes. However, unlike swimming costumes, they are looser in style and some of them open at the crotch. Usually made from sheer fabric teddies are a popular bedroom choice due to the way they enhance a woman’s shape and how flexible they are. You put them on in the same way as you would a swimming costume any many women choose them because they cover up any lumps and bumps you aren’t comfortable with.

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Teddy Style Guide

Silk Teddies

Silk can be the perfect choice for a night of passion as let’s face it, who doesn’t like the feel of silk on their bodies? Your date will enjoy exploring every inch of your silk teddy and silk helps to keep your body temperature steady – good news during the throes of hot passion ladies. Not only does it look and feel luxurious but it’s also made from natural fibres which are durable and elegant. Feeling good in what you wear will be a real turn-on for all parties.

Bridal Teddies

If you are looking for a special teddy for your wedding night then the only problem you will have is deciding which one to choose. There are so many beautiful, sexy and bewitching bridal teddies to suit all tastes and sizes. Lace and bride often go together and there are some exquisite lace teddies on the market today. Lace has an almost magical effect on the body as it shows off glimpses of your body underneath its pretty patterns. Cut-out, long-sleeved, spaghetti straps, solid crotch, crotchless, with or without stockings – you will have so much fun choosing one, but so much more fun wearing it!

Vintage Teddies

Vintage style teddies represent clothing styles from a previous era and there are some quite frankly stunning vintage teddies out there. Retro lingerie encompasses the enchantment of eras gone by with truly unique designs. Coming in a host of fabrics and cuts including nylon, lace, mesh, satin and ranging from high cut to low cut, and bareback to crotchless. Vintage clothing is huge and vintage lingerie is no different.

Sheer Teddies

Sheer fabric is semi-transparent so can be an incredibly sexy look for a teddy wearer especially when combined with silk, mesh or wet look fabrics. Tease your partner silly with parts of your body on display while other parts remain hidden under pretty lace. Open front teddies, plunge necks, criss-cross, halter and panel are just a few of the styles available. One perhaps for the more body confident but let’s not forget teddies are designed to accentuate your body’s finest parts so there are no barriers when it comes to shape and size.

Teddy FAQ’s

What is Teddy Underwear?

Similar to a one-piece swimming costume a teddy covers the top half of the body and the crotch. Flexible and available in many different cuts and designs make it a popular bedroom outfit. It is pulled on in the same way as you would a costume, some have a hook and eye fastening on the back and some are just pulled on. You can get backless ones, crotchless ones and strapless ones.

Teddy lingerie acquired its name through its inventor, a man called Theodore Bare. He was German and later moved to Chicago where he set up a clothing business covering infants, children and ladies clothing. Teddy bear lingerie appeared on the market for the first time in 1913 and it became an overnight sensation.

Do you wear underwear under a teddy?

The simple answer here is to tell you to wear what you are comfortable with. If you are happier with underwear underneath then go for it. (think of yourselves as a beautiful present and each layer needs to be unwrapped – phwoar)! However, it’s not necessary and most women don’t. Teddies can come with cups for breasts support and often they come in a thong cut so you don’t need anything extra as it won’t be as comfortable.

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