Sexy Black Lingerie – A Guide to Naughty Underwear Colours

Alongside red, sexy black lingerie is a traditional shade that is hugely erotic. Want the inside track on how to choose and wear this sultry and mysterious shade? Here’s our guide to naughty black underwear!

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Black – A Traditional Colour of Seduction

Every woman’s undies drawer needs some items of good quality black sexy lingerie.  The essential bra and knickers for wearing with that classic little black dress, and for wearing underneath those strappy tops during party season.  No collection of underwear is complete, and no wardrobe is truly functional without some black lingerie.

Black is a Figure Flattering Lingerie Colour

Apart from being erotic when applied to an appropriately skimpy and sexily cut outfit, this colour is immensely flattering to the female form and is well used for minimising the appearance of those curves that we do not wish to have on display!  Adored by ladies with classic style and taste and adventurous dressers alike, there is a massive selection of black bras, knickers, basques, corsets, baby dolls, thongs, and bodysuits on the market today.  There’s a versatile item of underwear in just about every possible shape size and one for every function in this traditional shade.  Low back dress?  Plunging neckline?  Racerback top?  There’s a bra combination to fit every single one.

Why Black and Red Lingerie is a Killer Combination

This colour is the shade of mystery and sophistication.  Team it with other bright colours and they will appear even more bright and vibrant in comparison to their understated counterpart. Black and red lingerie are both eye-catching and highly flattering in colour. Red suits almost every skin and hair tone type so selecting underwear in black and red will leave you looking truly amazing. The great thing with red is that any shade will blend with its black partner so you really can’t go wrong at all. This combination of colours is very provocative and your lover will enjoy inspecting every inch of you.

How To Choose The Best Sexy Black Lingerie Set

Every woman should indeed  own some black lingerie but how do you go about choosing a sexy black lingerie set that’s perfect for you? It depends on the look you want and the mood you are trying to establish.

For a surprise romantic night in you could select a black babydoll which can be partnered up with stockings and heels for added appeal. You might want something a little more revealing. So why not look at the wide range of bodysuits and Bodystockings?

A black lace bodystocking made from see through fabric and fitting your body top to bottom will set a scene of seduction. Of course, you may be looking for that go-to bra and knickers set which will never let you down. Again, the choice is plentiful and ranges from crotchless to cupless as well as simpler styles.

Types of Sexy Black Underwear

Black underwear has many types under its umbrella, meaning you’re spoilt for choice. It depends on the item you are looking for in particular. You can be as daring as you desire with many not leaving much to the imagination at all, like a sexy basque. Teddies and bodysuits are firm favourites for sexy bedroom fun. This is simply because black flatters and these styles of outfit show all your best features.

Stockings and Suspenders

Black stockings are one of those items of lingerie that can be worn with almost any lingerie item. They will never not look good and there is something classic and chic about black stockings and suspenders. It will compliment bedroom wear including babydolls, teddies, Chemises and bodysuits. Quite frankly, all legs are crying out for some black stockings to complete any look effortlessly and beautifully.


Basques have the beauty of sculpting themselves to your body shape and therefore highlighting every gorgeous curve. Black basques are often picked for bedroom wear because they flatter, they accentuate and they please. You don’t need to worry about them being too rigid and therefore uncomfortable either. They are less harsh than corsets due to the boning being plastic so you really can look great and feels great at the same time.


Black Babydolls are a fantastic choice for all body shapes and sizes and are an extremely popular bedroom lingerie. They have a sensual flowing design to them which accentuate your breasts and usually sit cheekily on your rear. They can be paired up with a sexy bra and knickers set for even more layers to be unwrapped. The great thing about being black is that they really do show off your body’s best bits while hiding the bits you are not so confident about.


Let’s talk about black teddies ladies – there is one out there in the style you desire and they are so versatile. Black teddies showcase all your best bits and you can choose how much you want to reveal by opting for full coverage, crotchless or cupless. You can also decide how fitted you want your black teddy to be by opting for a close to body one or one that is a looser fit. With their array of plunging necklines, see through fabrics, and bare backs and rear you really will thrill and excite your loved one.


Black Bodystockings take sexiness to the next level and leave you looking flawlessly beautiful. Your entire body is covered in black loveliness while you also have the option for an open crotch. Any lover will be lost for words when they cast their eyes on your body – let their eyes explore your outfit from the top to the bottom. Why not add some heels to complete your look – heels shouldn’t just be worn outdoors ladies. Instead, make staying in the new going out and feel a million dollars in a black bodystocking.


Black Chemises are a perfect choice for a sexy night in and offer so much versatility too so you can find the perfect one for you. No wardrobe should be deemed complete without at least one chemise in it. They come in a range of lengths too so you can choose how much leg you want on display. They can be worn in a plethora of styles from quite tame to very revealing with their various degrees of revealing necklines. Most of them tend to have thin spaghetti straps and no cups meaning that comfort isn’t compromised.


Bodysuits are versatile and an even bigger plus is how easy they are to wear. What can be better than looking sexy with minimum effort involved. They are great for holding your tummy in and showing off your hips and rear so you can do a twirl and really surprise your partner. With many having an open rear we are sure you will give them a real eyeful – enjoy ladies!

Lingerie Fabric Types To Consider


Black lace needs no introduction, let’s be honest here. Who doesn’t own a black lace piece of lingerie? It’s a definite must for the bedroom drawer and for a night of passion and romance. It’s sensual, it’s divine and it’s classy making lace and black the perfect combination. Whether you choose scalloped, eyelash or floral lace for your lingerie item, you can be sure to make heads turn. Black Lace bra and knicker sets, bodysuits, teddies, Babydolls  and Bodystockings are all hugely popular thanks to their intricate designs.


Black satin – just the very name is sexy isn’t it? Satin is soft, stretchy and gives your body a smooth and sheer appearance. Black satin Chemises and Babydolls are so feminine to wear and you will feel incredible in one. A basque enveloped in satin will give your body a huge boost in the sex factor. Your partner can enjoy the sensual experience of exploring every inch of your nightwear thanks to its incredible softness.

See Through

If you thought black was a sexy colour choice then combine this colour with a see-through fabric to reach new dizzy heights in the bedroom. There is something very stunning about an outfit that is partly or fully transparent. Your lover can enjoy your breasts under a black see-through bodystocking or can partly view your tummy with its mesh covering. Enjoy being unwrapped to discover your lover’s main present ladies- phwoar!


We all know how flattering fishnet fabric is and how kind it is against the skin with it’s grid-like design. So we are bringing together the most flattering colour and the flattering fishnet fabric together in one piece of lingerie. Needless to say the end result is an incredibly sexy and polished finish. Fishnet is popular in many items of nightwear including stockings, Bodystockings and teddies.

PVC & Leather

Black PVC and leather is a fabric that has been around a long time but is still widely used in the bedroom thanks to BDSM. Not that you need to be a fully confessed dominatrix  to enjoy some black leather bedroom wear. However, it’s a great way of showing off your naughty side and injecting some hot passion into your relationship. A leather bra set, a PVC bodysuit or a wet-look bodystocking are all ways to delight and thrill in the bedroom.

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