How To Repair & Care For Fishnet Tights

It’s not difficult to repair and care for fishnet tights. The iconic hosiery items are flawlessly sexy and figure flattering, but they are also incredibly delicate. Our guide to keeping your fishnets looking fab for longer, or how to repair them in the event of an unfortunate accident will tell you all you need to know!

How to Stop Fishnet Tights From Ripping

Some outfits dig that ripped look; ripped jeans, for example, have been fashionable for years. But some things just don’t look as sexy once they are torn and fishnet tights definitely fall into this category.

Once you’ve purchased your sexy fishnet tights you’ll be keen on keeping them from ripping. We’ve shared our tips below on keeping your stockings snag-free.

How To Stop Rips

  • Make sure you buy the right size from the off. If your stockings are a bit smaller than your actual measurements this will put pressure on the fishnet material. We all dream of being a size 10 but if you are more a size 14 then be true to yourself ladies. Sometimes even going a size up can be advantageous in this instance.
  • Freeze those tights people! Yes, really. Freezing them for a day or so in a plastic bag can strengthen the fishnet material.
  • Gently does it! Take extra time to put your beloved fishnets on otherwise you may well end up with a snag in them. Be sure to roll them up in your hand first and then put them on, rather than putting your feet in and then pulling them up.
  • Keep those toenails short and filed. Even a tiny bit of rough nail is enough to rip those sexy stockings.
  • Be careful your jewellery doesn’t snag your tights while you are putting them on.
  • If you prefer longer toenails then a pair of invisible trainer socks might work quite well. These will act as a barrier between your toenails and tights.
  • Always follow the washing guidelines and don’t be tempted to take shortcuts. Cold water protects delicates and actually contributes to their overall endurance.
  • Never be tempted to use the tumble dryer for a quick-drying solution. The hot air weakens the materials, making them more prone to ripping.
  • Looking after your legs with a good skin routine can go a long way to protecting your tights. This is especially the case if you suffer from dry skin or skin-related problems. So spend lots of time moisturising those pins – your tights will thank you!
  • Store your fishnet tights away from any lingerie with diamantés, chains, zips, or buttons. Also, avoid drawers with any rough wood material as this can easily catch on your tights.
  • Roll your tights up for storage purposes, this will protect them and also prevent them from becoming creased.

Fishnet tights are sexy and hugely flattering on your pins so please do treat them with the care they deserve. Fishnet is a stretchy fabric but this doesn’t mean they are immune to rips. Extra care means you’ll get many happy memories of nights in or out in those sexy stockings.

How to Fix Ripped Fishnet Tights

You just love wearing those fishnet tights, right? In them, you feel sexy and tall which helps your confidence no end. So imagine your despair at coming home or getting ready for bed and finding they are ripped. Or even worse, you notice the tear as you are headed out. Can they be fixed or are they destined for the bin?

We are here with some tips for helping a pair of ripped fishnet tights so they can live to see another day.

How To Fix Rips

  • Depending on where the rip is, it might not be the end of the world. Bonus points if there is a hole in the crotch area, you my friend have just designed some Crotchless fishnet stockings! Of course, the rip might be in an obvious place, but if it isn’t then you can probably still get away with wearing them.
  • If you have noticed a tiny nick that hasn’t yet taken hold then you can dab on some clear nail varnish. This will stop the tear from becoming bigger.
  • Hairspray does the same job as nail polish, so can be a handy alternative. It hardens the area, stopping the hole from getting bigger.
  • You can also try rubbing a bar of soap over a small nick, may as well smell nice at the same time!
  • If you are a dab hand at using a needle and thread then this is an option with fishnet tights. Just be sure to know what you are doing first otherwise you may well be buying a new pair anyway!
  • If you are all dressed up and suddenly notice a little snag you could always colour it in with a pen. I mean it will solve the problem at that moment, you might have some explaining to do if you’ve planned a naughty night in though!
  • Catch the hole early. If the hole isn’t glaringly obvious don’t be tempted to just leave it as it will get bigger. If it gets too big to mend then sadly you’ll be needing that bank card again, I can hear the sigh from here!

So there you have it – a simple nick in your fishnet tights isn’t necessarily a disaster and there are practical steps you can take. The trick is catching it early so that the hole can’t get bigger. So enjoy, and as long as your home contains a freezer, nail polish, and hairspray you are all set! Who knew! The same rules can be applied to any item of fishnet lingerie, including those delicate bodystockings.

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