Sexy Costumes for Women

Sexy costumes for women are a fabulous way to step out of the everyday and into your erotic fantasies. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to dress up as a naughty nurse and give your partner a taste of your bedside manner? From sexy secretaries to sultry superheroes, you can role-play your way to sexual bliss.

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Sexy Costume Ideas For Women – Our Top Picks For Bedroom Role-Play

There are lots of costumes to choose from, but it can be difficult to decide what you’ll feel comfortable wearing. You want to find an option that will make you feel sexy and confident. Here’s a few of the more popular sexy costumes for women plus a few ideas for roleplay whilst wearing them.

Women’s Sexy Nurses Costumes

Now hold still, this won’t hurt one little bit!  It’s an oldie but a goodie, dressing up as a naughty nurse seems to be a sure-fire winner all over the world. There’s a great selection of sexy nurses costumes to help you do it in style.

There’s nothing better to engage in a bit of doctor and nurse or strict nurse naughty patient role-play than one of these erotic uniforms. A nurse outfit is guaranteed to get a response from anyone who usually has a libido on a par with a lump of firewood. If you need to do some serious seduction then grab yourself one of these great sexy costumes for women!

Available in a huge array of lengths and fabrics you can choose just how far you want to go when you slide into your nurse persona.  If you want to go for the full hospital fantasy you can grab yourself a little naughty medical kit too. Include some medication, bondage bandages, and don’t forget to make sure that your patient’s blood is flowing to all the right places. It’s entirely up to you whether you’re nurse nice or nurse ratchet – you’ll be in control.

Choose from bikini style outfits, PVC fabric, or sexy stretch lycra arrangements.You can choose a longer skirt length if you’re going to wear it out to a fancy dress party. Whichever option you decide to go for, it’ll be seduction dynamite.Your other half won’t be able to believe their luck.

It’s never been easier to get the equipment to indulge in a bit of naughty medical fantasy!

Police Woman Costumes

Join your very own incredibly naughty police force with a police woman costume to dress up in.  Perfect for some raunchy fun this weekend or a very sexy outfit to wear to that fancy dress party you have coming up. Just make sure you team it up with a naughty plastic water pistol. You can punish anyone who gets overcome and decides to break police protocol and attempt to ravish you!

From bad girl to playing the good cop there’s no end to the fun you can have when wearing one of these great outfits.  Team them up with some naughty fishnets for a truly erotic look that’ll score a direct hit in the bedroom.

Women love to feel in control when they get dressed up. We reckon that’s why a good police uniform simply can’t be beat when it comes to having a bit of naughty fun.  You’ll feel ready to get out and fight the sexy fight and beat the enemy into sweet erotic submission.

Perhaps you could pretend to “arrest” your other half and show them just what your interpretation of the custody suite really is. The women in your all female police force are merciless and you can take your partner as a prisoner of erotic war.

Maid Costumes

Take room service to the next level with a naughty maid dress up. These are amongst the most popular sexy women’s costumes, as it’s a popular bedroom fantasy for many couples. Black satin skirts, and frilly petticoats teamed up with stockings and suspenders create a powerful recipe for explosive bedroom fun.

Maid costumes come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps you’d prefer to keep it minimal with a French Maid themed bra and knicker set? Teeny tiny French maid underwear could be worn underneath a little black dress on a special night out. Then you can reveal your naughty secret to your partner while out. Sexy lingerie and roleplay can build a lot of excitement and anticipation. This makes it a low cost and easy way for a spot of seduction.

There’s a huge range of maid themed lingerie and costumes to choose from. If you love the frilly petticoats and little white hats, there’s lots of full maid costumes to choose from. Team them up with a feather duster and some bed restraints to take that fantasy to the next level.

If you want to go with an under the stairs theme to your seduction then we recommend grabbing a sexy butler outfit for your partner.  They can scold you for spilling that drink on Lady Gray’s lap at dinner earlier, you naughty girl!

Sexy Secretary Costumes

An oldie but still a goodie, the sexy secretary costume is great for a spot of erotic play in the bedroom. So grab that notepad and come on in to the office and write down all your partner’s desires and instructions for the evening.

Short skirts that let those stocking tops peep through, a smart shirt, and a blouse that’s open just a little too far, letting that bra peep out. There are many different outfit choices depending on just how confident you want to be. You can even get secretary themed basques and suspender sets.

Some options offer a little more coverage than others, dresses that come down to mid thigh are easy to find. You can team these up with daring underwear choices like peephole bras, stockings, and crotchless knickers. Bend over to empty the wastepaper basket for your “boss” and let them see a delicious glimpse of the service their secretary is really offering them.

Women’s Sexy Santa Costumes

Are your bells jingling? Well they soon will be when you slip into your sexy santa costume and deliver your other half a sexy Christmas gift they’ll not forget. Mrs Claus would be shocked and horrified at the sexy bright red dresses on offer. Trimmed with festive white, and just yelling out for some stockings, suspenders, and matching red knickers.  These costumes are a great way to bring a bit of erotic fun to Christmas.

You can choose a revealing sexy santa dress, which you could wear to a festive fancy dress event if you’re particularly daring.  Alternatively, grab yourself a santa outfit that’s for the bedroom only. You can get a chemise or babydoll that reveals your curves to perfection and leaves no doubt about your intentions. You can even find festive santa nipple tassles if you’re a bit of a minimalist. Team those up with a cupless red bra and knicker set and make your santa seduction complete.

Crotchless knickers with festive bells, gstrings with super cute pom poms. Take your pick from an array of naughty festive treats to really get you in the mood for the festive season.

Do You Dare To Wear One Of Our Sexy Costumes For Women?

Hopefully you’ll have found some great and seductive ideas to really set your bedroom alight. There are so many sexy women’s costumes to choose from. Your bedroom will never have been so exciting with all the options for naughty role play fun that open up to you when you give a costume a try!

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