Sexy Role play Ideas – Spice Up Your Bedroom!

There are many fun ways of spicing up the bedroom, sexy role play ideas can help inject fresh excitement to your lovemaking. Let’s face it, love isn’t always easy and, sometimes, the erotic side of your relationship can get sidelined. Alternatively, you might have a very healthy sex life and simply want to try new things!

Sexy bedroom roleplay ideas - lady in lace stockings and suspenders
Acting out new sexy roleplay ideas can bring excitement and confidence to your love life!

Roleplay is a great way of reintroducing connections into your intimacy and it can be very exciting too. Sex scenarios can be subtle or as daring as you are comfortable with, there are no rules when it comes to sexy bedroom role play.

Dressing up as someone else can give a real boost to your self-confidence and be a huge turn on for both you and your lover!

How To Introduce Role Play Into The Bedroom

Sexy roleplay needs to be something both parties will enjoy, otherwise the idea can crash and burn in a shower of awkwardness. So, if you are unsure if role play will be enjoyed by your partner then perhaps have a conversation with them first. It might be a little awkward to broach the subject, but finding out what your other half will enjoy will help make a success of role play by creating a scenario you’ll both savour.

couple in bed discussing roleplay scenarios
Talk about your roleplay fantasies to create a scenario you’ll both savour…

If you’re unsure where to start the conversation, just keep it lighthearted. Perhaps you can share any fantasies you’ve had in the past, and discuss how to approach your first night of role play. It doesn’t have to be big and elaborate, especially the first time. Putting pressure on yourselves won’t help, so start with something simple to get a feel for it.

Sexy outfits and accessories can help you ease into your role. Wigs, books, or even a naughty movie can help alleviate any feelings of awkwardness. Feather ticklers, handcuffs or nipple tassels are all fun ways to start a sexy night in. One of the most popular roleplays for beginners is to be strangers who meet up –  this leaves lots to the imagination and can be lots of fun. It also means no one has to take the dominant role right away.

What Are Some Good Sexy Roleplay Ideas?

Sometimes deciding what or who to role-play can be a little mind-boggling, to say the least. That’s why we’ve done the hard bit and put together our top 10 best sexy Role Play ideas below. We’ve paired the scenarios with some role play costume ideas to help paint that picture of your naughty night in!

1. Good Cop, Bad Cop – Police Role Play Ideas

You’re under arrest, and you’re going to do exactly what I say or you’re going straight to my special jail cell!

This is a fun and often easy role to take on with the help of simple props like handcuffs and a badge. It can become a game for two as well as you take on the role of the good cop and bad cop.

Scenarios: Are you the good cop or the bad cop? Perhaps you can be a traffic officer, and the poor motorist you’ve just written up a ticket for would do *anything* to get let off. Perhaps you’re both cops and you’ve just caught your partner taking backhanders. It’s time for some informal disclipline in the cells!

Costume choices: Police woman costumes include sexy skirts, bodysuits, dresses and stockings. For men, there are also cop costumes including sexy briefs, ties, hats and handcuffs.

2. Call The Fire Brigade – Fireman and Firewoman Role Plays

What’s that? Your bedroom is a raging hot inferno and you need rescuing this instant? Call out a very special fire department to help you in your hour of need!

Scenarios: Perhaps you long to be a damsel in distress while your lover puts out the fire and saves your life? Maybe they’ll need to check you for injuries and provide some much needed first aid. You’ll be so greatful to be safe and well, you’ll do just about anything to please your rescuer.

This role play does not need to conform to traditional gender roles. We all know women can join the fire brigade, and it might make a great sub / dom scenario.

Costume choices: Prepare to be rescued by the hunkiest fireman you’ve ever seen as he sports sexy boxers, braces and belts.

There are a few women’s firefighter costumes available that could be used in this role play. Failing that, some shorties, red braces and a sexy red or blue bodysuit along with a hat would look the part.

3. Downton Abbey – Sexy Maids and Butlers

Act out those romances behind the scenes in a grand old country house. Who will be in charge, the butler? Or will you be the stern head houskeeper?

Scenarios: Perhaps the head butler needs to bring the mischievous new kitchen maid down a peg or two? Take her into the pantry and make sure she knows who’s boss. Or does the stern housekeeper catch the timid stable lad stealing candle ends? It’s time for him to work off his thefts, and take the punishment he so richly deserves!

Costume Choices: If you never considered a Maid sexy then think again ladies. With sexy maid outfits including revealing dresses, cute aprons, stockings, garters, and thongs, cleaning has never been so fun. You can even equip yourself with a feather duster for all those hard to reach places. Ding ding, room service, please.

Butlers / stable lads can wear naughty butler costumes or any naughty men’s underwear item that the head housekeeper deems appropriate. A spanking paddle or some bondage restraints might help punish any errant staff member.

4. Working Late in The Office – Sexy Secretary Fun               

Office work doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Clear that desk and make way for some sexy after-hours fun.

Scenarios: So, you’ve been caught stealing stationery again have you? You will be punished. Get back into the stationery cupboard and show your boss just how sorry you are, or you’ll be getting fired in the morning! Alternatively, the sexy secretary has had to stay back late to catch up on work. She encounters the shy and retiring IT guy in the server room and can’t resist playing with him. Is he a virgin? She won’t be able to resist finding out, and he’ll be putty in her more experienced hands.

Costume Choices: Take your pick from a sexy seceretary outfit including figure-hugging pinstripe dress, waistcoats, suspender belt, stockings, and even some severe glasses. Pin up that hair and clock up some extra hours to earn some brownie points from your boss.

Men wishing to play a boss role could make use of a gangster outfit and a tie. The shy and retiring IT guy could probably wear his superman boxers and a shirt and tie. The naughty secretary could have some naughty men’s underwear and force him into them, adding to his embarassment.

5. Leap Over Tall Buildings in a Single Bound – Superheroes

Superheroes don’t always wear capes…. Why not indulge in a little superhero fantasy and rescue your grateful partner from certain doom?

Scenarios: Your other half is trapped in a burning building (bedroom), you’ll have to swoop in and rescue them. Alternatively turn it on it’s head, you are an evil superhero and have just captured an unsuspecting member of the public. It’s back to your lair to try out all your secret weapons. Unfortunately they’re only deadly in the orgasmic sense.

Costume Choices: Choose from heroes such as warriors, Wonder Woman, or catwoman. Men can step into the shoes of Superman while donning some figure-hugging briefs or perhaps a gladiator outfit?

6. Doctors and Nurses – it’s Time to Flex that Bedside Manner!

Perhaps you want to improve your bedside manner and look after your lovesick partner? Nursing them back to full health shouldn’t take long when they clock you wearing a sexy nurses outfit.

Scenarios: It’s time for your medical and some of those medical instruments look a bit suspect. Male and female can play the role of doctor or nurse giving a patient the once over. Perhaps they’re not that compliant, and they need to be given a firm hand? Alternatively, you can both play the role of medical staff. Perhaps the stern nursing sister has caughty the junior doctor being naughty. He’s going to regret that, and no mistake…

Costume Choices: There’s plenty of sexy nurse lingerie available. You can also get doctors outfits for men. Zip up dresses, bodysuits, stockings, and nurses hats will ensure you are dressed for the job. If you prefer a softer approach, go for a filmy white chemise with a nurse lingerie set.

7. All Aboard The Love Boat, or Piracy on the High Seas!

Ya-har me mateys! Is it all eyes on deck as you indulge in some sailing naughtiness on the love boat, or be there pirates in these waters?

Scenarios: You can go a bit retro and climb aboard the loveboat. Those 70’s porn movies were always predictably cheesy, so why not have a bit of fun. Perhaps one of you can be the new deckhand and the more experienced sailor can show you the ropes. Alternatively, one of you can be the pirate and the other the captive. Take it below decks as the pirate asserts their authority mercilessly!

Costume Choices: Men can steer the ship wearing some sexy briefs, neckerchiefs, complete with hat. While you can wear a skimpy one-piece or a sailor dress to take charge of your ship. There’s lots of male and female pirate outfits available, or perhaps a wench outfit for the captive maid!

8. Domme and Sub – It’s Time To Submit To Her Control

He’ll do exactly as he’s told, and she’ll relish being in complete control of the pleasure. Step out of your everday and release your inner dominatrix!

Get a little kinky with a wide range of dominatrix style costumes which include: wet look bodysuits, open basques, arm restraints, elbow-length gloves, blindfolds, feather ticklers, crotchless knickers, and wet look stockings.

Sexy Waiter or Waitress

When your lover serves you in nothing more than some sexy tuxedo boxers, neckpiece and cufflinks it might take some time to place your order. But that’s ok, the best meals start with appetisers anyway. You can dress as a sexy waitress in a skimpy dress or skirt and we are sure you will be left with a 5-star review.

Tartan skirts and tie

Give your lover a taste of tradition with a cute tartan outfit. Choose from a skimpy skirt, cropped T-shirt, tie, mini dress or a bustier set. Complete this look with a crotchless tartan thong.

We are sure these sexy role play ideas will have sparked some interest for you to feed into your love life. Why not try some of our sex scenarios and let us know how it went in the comments. We’d love to hear how your own naughty role play adventures went!

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