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Latex is a popular material choice among a whole variety of different people. Bondage and fetish fans enjoy wearing latex due to the look and texture to it. However, you don’t need to be into the fetish scene to enjoy the perks of being latex-clad. The fabric is unique to any other and it’s shiny virtues attribute to its popularity in clothing and lingerie.

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Let’s be honest here, latex looks and feels incredibly sexy and is there to be enjoyed by all. It offers a sensual experience which is very much part of the thrill of putting it on. It might be a latex dress you choose to impress your lover with, or perhaps a sexy latex bra and knickers combo? Whatever you choose, latex is there to be explored and enjoyed. It’s slinky, it’s tight-fitting, and it’s sure to heat up any bedroom.

Latex Style Guide

There is an abundance of latex clothing out there and unless you have a very definite style or cut in mind it can seem a little mind-boggling. So we’ve condensed the best of the best in our latex style guide below.


Latex dresses will certainly set the scene for seduction nicely, there will be no mistaking what will be on the evening’s menu. You can expect latex dresses to show off your curves, reveal just enough of your body to tempt, and the shiny fabric is just begging to be explored. Knee-length, short, or very short – the choice is yours for the taking.

Sexy Gloves

Sexy latex gloves can be a great accessory to your wet-look outfit or an integral part of your roleplay scenario. Elbow-length latex gloves compliment lace lingerie too and gives your look a daring twist. The glossy stretchy material feels comfortable to wear and will leave you feeling smoking hot.


Figure-hugging latex bodysuits will certainly make your lover smile – once they’ve lifted their jaw off the floor that is! You also have the option of going Crotchless or cupless – both are certain to be a winner. You might even feel daring enough for an open rear body – perfect for some spanking fun.


Wearing a latex corset will define and highlight every curve you’ve been blessed with. Reveal your boobs with a plunging neckline or how about a zip-up latex gives corsets a stretchy, yet fitted look. No one will be able to resist your sensuous body when you perfect the hourglass figure.


If you feel your outfit or lingerie needs a little something extra then you should consider adding some latex stockings into the mix. Stockings are the perfect finisher and provide that polished look right down to your toes. Latex stockings take regular ones and add a touch of fetishism to them.


Latex knickers for under that dress? Or maybe to match a sexy bra? Whatever the occasion, latex knickers will have you covered, at least partially! Briefs, thong, bikini-style, high waisted or crotchless – take your pick of shiny latex-clad underwear.


Lift your boobs provocatively whilst encasing them in irresistible latex material for a fetish theme. Choose from bralettes, keyhole bras, studded design, open cup, triangle, or halterneck. Pair this off with some sexy knickers and stockings to really ramp up the bedroom shenanigans.


Ideal for Bondage and BDSM, latex catsuits will cover your body seductively, hugging your body. Also perfect for some catwoman roleplay, catsuits can be enjoyed in a variety of different scenarios to suit your tastes. Most of them can be unzipped from the front, leaving you to choose how much to reveal.

How Does it Feel to Wear Latex?

If you’ve never worn latex before then be prepared to feel a range of different sensations. You might feel a bit hot and sweaty, or you might feel somewhat cool in it. It depends on how much of your body (and what parts) are covered by the latex too. It feels very smooth once on and somehow can make your body feel very connected to all parts. Some people describe themselves as feeling empowered and super confident in the shiny and slippery material.

What is Latex Made Of?

You may be surprised to hear that latex actually comes from plants and trees and is, therefore, a natural material. Latex is mainly used up of water and rubber material found in nature – most commonly in South America. Synthetic latex is not man-made and is made using a variety of different chemicals.

How To Put On & Wear Latex

First of all be sure you’ve bought the correct size because you don’t want baggy latex, and you also don’t want to cut off circulation. Once you’ve got the correct size sorted and are happy it’s important to remember to treat the latex with the respect it deserves.

Be mindful of any jewellery or sharp nails which may snag the material while you are putting it on. You might want to take extra precaution and wear some gloves to put it on, particularly if you have fancy nails. Next, you need to prepare your skin ready to accept the latex – putting it on dry, untreated skin won’t end well. You can use talc or a specialised lubricant for this and put it on your skin and the underside of the garment.

Once you’ve followed these steps you are ready to put the latex outfit on. Start slowly and pull it on carefully and keep it taut, pulling out any kinks along the way. Latex can attract air bubbles while at the “putting it on” stage so be sure to press any out. Once you are in and comfortable make sure you clean up any excess talc or lubricant.

How To Care For Latex

It’s important to take good care of your latex once purchased and it’s not difficult to do this. They should be washed in warm water after use – do not use any washing detergent or soap. Once you’ve cleaned it in plain water you can take off any excess water with a towel by patting it. You can then leave it flat to dry nicely and you can rub a bit of talc or lubricant on the garment before putting it away. You can buy polish for latex if you wish to enhance the shine of it after each wash. Never tumble dry or attempt to iron latex – this will be a very costly mistake to make.

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