Latex Knickers and Thongs – Sexy Fetish Style Lingerie

Ever popular among fetish fans, latex knickers and thongs appeal to many who enjoy a little bondage fun. Visually sexy with a soft and alluring texture, latex lingerie flatters and excites.

You don’t need to be a dominatrix to enjoy sexy latex lingerie either, it appeals to many couples simply due to its provocative qualities. The tight fit and body sculpting effect just adds to the frisson.

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Latex Knickers Did You Know? | Top Latex Trends | How To Wear Latex

Latex Knickers – Did You Know?

Latex Knickers

Latex underwear can be worn during oral sex – yes really. Enjoy oral sex but not so much the scratchy facial hair? Not so keen on oral pleasure during that time of the month?

Then this might be the perfect solution for you without losing any of the sex appeal.

Latex panties created by Lorals are ultra-thin so you don’t lose out on any sensual experiences and they can be ripped apart easily.

If you’ve never shopped for latex knickers before you might not quite know where to start. Here’s the top 3 latex thong and knicker type trends in the UK right now. These styles have been carefully researched based on the products most searched for by UK online shoppers this season.

1. High Waist Latex Knickers

Bondara Siren Black Latex High Waist Crotchless Briefs

High waist latex knickers are a good choice for an abundance of reasons. Mostly though, they sit in such a way that they flatter your body shape.

They are great if you are on the curvier side as they won’t ride down every two minutes which, let’s face it, is a passion killer. High waist latex knickers sit seductively on your hips giving your lover plenty of material to explore. High waist latex knickers can also be great if you’d like to create the illusion of some curves.

Wear With: Latex gloves for extra BDSM kink appeal, or a latex bralette.

2. Latex Crotchless Knickers

Sharon Sloane Crotchless Latex Knickers

Latex Crotchless knickers add an extra touch of sexy into your average latex underwear. It blends the visually appealing nature of latex along with the sexy intent of the open crotch.

Leave your lover under no illusions as to your bedroom intentions with some Crotchless underwear. This erotic lingerie look is both daring and desirable; the perfect combination for a night of passion.

Wear With: A latex dress to completely swathe those curves, or a naughty open cup bra for extra fetish points!

3. Latex Thongs

Rubber Girl Latex Thong

Embrace those curves by popping on a sexy latex thong. Designed to thrill and flaunt, latex thongs show off your peachy bum in its cheeky entirety. Your intimate area is covered – just – but your derrière is exposed.

Warning: not much material, but a whole lot of eroticism. Your lover will be in for a treat while he admires your curves in a skimpy latex thong. 

Wear With: A latex open cup Bra or a naughty latex maid outfit!

How To Wear Latex Knickers and Thongs

Ever wondered just what to team your latex knickers and thongs with? Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered (literally). Our guide to sexy fetish latex lingerie outfits will inspire you to get your underwear kink on!

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