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Many people forget that fun is part and parcel of sex, and when it comes to having fun what could be more so than dressing up in naughty, sexy and often outrageous costumes? Fever is a brand that specialises in producing the sexiest and most attractive costumes with a distinctive retro twist, and it takes the art of dressing up from behind closed doors into the realms of reality!

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Fetish Clothing

Are you looking to add to your fetish clothing collection or perhaps start a new collection? Fever has some great fetish clothing including gloves, feather boas, wigs, catsuits, masks, dresses and headbands. Set your lover’s head in a spin when he spots you in this seductive gear. Prices start at £2.99 so grab yourself a bargain today.


Your lover will happily walk the plank to see you in a Fever pirate costume. Or how about mesmerising them in a Goddess costume? Fever produces a wide range of wigs which adds so much versatility to your bedroom fun. Red, black, blonde or multicoloured – the Fever wigs will add another element to your love life. There is a range of stockings as well which will compliment any costume.

If you want to get naughtier the sexy cop uniform, a dominatrix if there ever was one, is great for the one on one role playing, and for a bit of fun the very sexy wild west gunslinger outfit is very different and adds a touch of humour to proceedings.

There is such variety here that we have not time to go into them all, but what we can say is we found them all extremely sexy, great to wear and surprisingly affordable too; if there’s that little spice missing from your life, a Fever costume could be the missing link.

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