They’re sexy, they’re sheer and they are hugely popular all over the world. We are, of course, referring to bodystockings.

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This type of naughty underwear has undergone a bit of a renaissance in recent years. You can now buy them in a bewildering array of textures, colours and designs. From wide fisherman’s style mesh right down to fine hosiery style mesh, fishnet, and beyond, there seems to be no end to the finishes you can choose from. How do you want it cut? Just about every cut imaginable is covered – from crotchless to halterneck and spaghetti straps all the way through to dazzlingly daring cutaway styles that’d need huge amounts of body confidence to wear.

The popularity of this form of erotic lingerie can only be put down to its simplicity and versatility – seeing the female form swathed in fabric that shows every contour yet obscures things behind an alluring semi-transparent screen. Women love wearing bodystockings because they’re easy to get on, and surprisingly can also help pull in and smooth out those little lumps and bumps whilst showing off the body at its very best and most sensual. They are inexpensive due to their delicate nature and because pretty much one size fits all you can’t go far wrong (good news for partners looking to buy a sexy gift).

You don’t need to put a lot of thought into how you will wear a bodystocking. If you want to be a bit of a tease you can team it up with a string and some nipple pasties so that all the good bits are covered up.

Bodystocking Style Guide


Fishnet bodystockings come in a multitude of colours but black is often the most popular of choices. Fishnets have a grid-like appearance which can highlight the curves of your body. They are also a popular style for exotic dancers to their stretchy and forgiving nature. They are a versatile product which many wear under their garments for an extra “wow” look.


Men and women alike search the internet for crotchless bodystockings. After all why look so hot in something if it’s going to be coming off minutes later? Why not look for something that can stay on during any fun in the bedroom? Crotchless bodystockings aren’t for everyone and some may be tempted to wear panties underneath but it can be hard to come away with the polished look this way.


Lace bodystockings give a beautiful covering and nothing says sexy like a body full of lace. You can choose from an array of designs such as spiderweb and the lace can add to the seductive look you are aiming for. You can choose as much lace as you want – some bodystockings have lace covering your best bits, others are full lace in detail.


Sheer see through bodystockings give your outfit that extra gleam and they also feel lovely on. The sheer look means your date or partner will see some of your body without being too revealing. This might be one for those not as body confident or who have only recently discovered the world of bodystockings. Sheer fabric is a popular choice for ladies buying their first bodystocking.

Plus Size

The great news is that anyone, including plus size ladies, can buy a bodystocking to suit their body shape. They come in two sizes – one size to fit small to large and plus size to fit XL-XXL. With so many different cuts and styles, you are guaranteed to find something to accentuate your good bits. Do some research into the style which will suit your figure, the better it fits the more comfortable you’ll feel.

Bodystocking FAQ

How To Put On A Bodystocking

In all the excitement of purchasing your brand new bodystocking, you may not have considered actually how to put one on. But that’s ok because we are here to help. It’s important to think of your bodystocking like a pair of thin tights. Gather them together and find the feet first and put your first foot inside then your other foot. Pull it up to about knee height at this stage. Then imagine pulling a pair of tights up around the hips and over your rear, it’s important to keep the material taut – the last thing you want is a wrinkly bodystocking ladies!

You’ve done the hard part now so just keep pulling it upwards from this point keeping tension in the material at all times. Try to keep still whilst pulling it up from now because any twisting movements will create kinks and possible snagging. For the last part just imagine getting your arms inside a swimming costume, it is much the same. Once it’s sitting comfortably over your shoulders and sitting around the neck you have successfully put on your bodystocking.

Top Tip: if you moisturise or even talc up before putting it on you will find it will glide on a lot easier, reducing any risks of snagging it.

How To Care For A Bodystocking

Bodystockings are super delicate so it’s important to know how to care for a bodystocking so that it can be worn more than once. These items must be hand-washed, preferably in a cold wash. They need to drip dry while laid out flat because if you hang it to dry it will lose its shape. Bodystockings do not need ironing, once dry just simply pop in a drawer until next time.

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