How To Wash Bodystocking Lingerie & Storage Tips

Bodystockings often come in intricate and lightweight fabrics which are fairly delicate. A few simple tips on how to wash bodystocking lingerie can help keep them looking good for longer.

It’s not difficult to wash or store bodystocking lingerie so that’s good news. It just takes a little thought – having a good routine in place will prevent any mishaps. When you are wearing your bodystocking I bet you feel amazing, right? So it surely deserves a little TLC along the way to keep it looking ultra-sexy!

  • Perhaps a little more time consuming, but hand-washing is best with Bodystockings. The machine can be quite harsh on delicate fabrics. However, if you have a setting specifically for delicates you might be ok as long as it’s a cold-ish wash. You do run the risk of snagging and tearing though so in the machine you are best using a lingerie bag for your bodystocking.
  • Whether you hand wash or machine wash, be sure to use only a mild detergent.
  • When washing, use a small amount of detergent and make sure to rinse it all off using cold water only. Not rinsing adequately can lead to a residue build-up which will definitely damper those sexy vibes.
  • When it comes to Bodystockings, fabric softeners are your friend and help preserve the longevity of your hosiery.
  • To dry your bodystocking either lay it flat on a table to dry or pop it on a hanger somewhere safe.

How To Wash Your Bodystocking Lingerie: What Not To Do

  • Never ignore the washing instructions on the label or the packaging. It’s there for a reason and if you want to get multiple uses out of your lingerie then do as it suggests.
  • Don’t be tempted to use anything other than cold water for washing your bodystocking. Delicates won’t like it one bit and can be damaged.
  • If you do decide to use your machine on a delicate setting then make sure there is nothing in the wash that can potentially tear or snag your lingerie.
  • Only ever put it in with similar colours or best of all wash it on its own.
  • Step away from the tumble dryer and iron – heat is not a friend of your bodystocking.

How To Store Your Bodystocking Lingerie

Hanging your Bodystockings up in the wardrobe will help them stay crease-free. An alternative is to roll them up and pop them in your drawer – rolling prevents those pesky crease lines from forming. Incidentally, rolling is a great way to pack lingerie in a suitcase too.

Top Tips For Extending The Lifespan Of Your Bodystocking

  1. Freeze before wearing for that very first time. Yes, that’s not a misprint – get that bodystocking in the freezer ladies! By wetting it then popping it in the freezer damp (not soaking) for around 24 hours you can get much more wear from your item.
  2. Deal with any small snags with some clear nail varnish – it should stop the snag in its tracks (literally).
  3. Make sure your nails (fingers and toes) and any jewellery doesn’t cause potential snagging issues. Wear gloves if you are really attached to those long luscious nails.

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