How to Make a Cupless Bra

If you have found yourself on this page while trying to find out how to make a cupless bra then firstly, let’s applaud your creative juices! It can sometimes be a little hard to swallow the price of peek-a-boo bras – after all, they have a higher price tag for less material.

Also, how hard is it to find a decent fitting bra, ladies the struggle is oh-so-real. Smaller than average, larger than average…it can be so difficult to get it right, particularly when purchasing online. Using a bra you already have means you have none of this drama!

The great thing about making your own (apart from the obvious sigh of relief from your bank card) is that you can use a bra you already own. This means you don’t need to part with your hard-earned cash to buy a fancy bra – chances are you have the perfect project one in your drawer already.

How to Make a Cupless Bra – All You Need to Know

1. Adjust Some Existing Bras

When you think about making your own peephole bra then you might already have in mind the perfect one for the task. If you aren’t sure, however, then have a good rummage through them all until you find one suitable. Best to remember that this is probably a practice run so don’t go and use your most favourite one first.

Follow These Steps:-

  • Find the bra you want to use and use a flat surface to work from. Lie it down with the cups facing you so that you can work from this section.
  • You will be best working from a sewing pattern for a cupless bra which, fortunately, Google is your friend here. You could do it without one but you might not quite end up with the seductive look you envisioned.
  • Once you’ve got the bra and pattern sorted you can get the equipment you’ll need and of course, a steady hand is advised.
  • Follow the pattern of your choice whether it’s cupless, quarter cup, half cup, or whatever. You will probably need a sewing machine in terms of prettiness and accuracy.
  • This shouldn’t take too long because you have the bra structure already, you don’t need to worry about adding underwire, straps, etc etc. You just need to know exactly where your nipples sit on the bra.
  • Once you’ve created your peek-a-boo delight you can add anything extra you see fit – for example diamantés, ribbon bows, or sequins.
  • Ta-da you have your very own cupless bra! If it’s not as pretty as you’d like then try again now you feel more confident.

You Will Need:-

  • Bra of your choice.
  • Pattern of your choice.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Fabric scissors.
  • Any extra detailing such as bows.

2. Make Your Own

When I think of making my own cupless bra from scratch I feel like I need a lie down in a dark room so if you’ve decided to do this I salute you! Perhaps you’ve got some pretty fabric laid around going to waste and you’ve been itching to use it? Well, now is the time, my friend!

Follow These Steps:-

  • To be honest, if you’ve decided to bite the bullet and make your own peephole bra from scratch then you don’t need a step by step guide. I also write this with great relief as I think it sounds way beyond my capabilities.
  • You will most definitely need a sewing machine for this one and again, a pattern of your choice.
  • You also need your choice of fabric whether it’s some you already have or some new material. You will also need all the bits to make the bra such as hook and eye fastening and underwiring. Buying underwiring isn’t as simple as it sounds because you need to make sure it’s long enough to support your cup size.
  • Once you are kitted out with what you need and have some time to kill you can get stuck in. Just be sure your workspace is free from clutter and any potential distractions. Popping the peepholes in the wrong section won’t be ideal, let’s be honest!
  • Once you have had a go at making your own cupless bra you’ll be feeling pretty great. Who knows, could even be a cheeky sideline business!

You Will Need:-

  • Some sewing skills.
  • Lots of patience and creativity in equal measures.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Fabric scissors.
  • Sewing pattern.
  • Suitable bra fabric.
  • Extra bits such as underwire and fastenings.

3. Just Buy Some!

We’ve included this option because you might very well have read this guide to how to make a cupless bra and simply thought, nah not for me. Sometimes the extra pennies are worth spending if it cuts out the middleman, or woman, right? We don’t need to include a step by step here, all you need is your trusty debit card, some money in the bank, and an idea of the cupless bra you would like. So enjoy those online shopping clicks and remember – you deserve it.

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