What Does Red Underwear Mean?

what does red underwear mean? Lady reclining on sexy red fabric

When Valentine’s Day creeps upon us the shops and stores are suddenly awash with a sea of red. Red hearts, roses, chocolates, and underwear. So what does red underwear mean?

Is red really the colour of love and if so where did this theme originate? What else can the colour red mean? What does it really mean when women choose red underwear? Does it mean anything? Let’s look into the meaning behind the colour red as we throw in some interesting facts along the way!

What Are The Meanings of Red Underwear?

This smoking hot and sultry shade evokes many responses. Here’s some of the factors that feed into the human response to this hard to ignore lingerie colour:-

Red Is For Heat…

Red represents the colour of heat, fire, and burning. Lingerie in this sultry shade will most likely send the bedroom temperature soaring so this is quite fitting. Shades of red offer warmth and vibrance making it a popular underwear colour.

Red Is For Passion…

It’s just that one colour – particularly on lingerie – that shouts passion and excitement. When you pop on red you feel empowered and confident which is a winning formula for being seductive.

Red Is For Anger…

Perhaps not an emotion you associate with seduction but what’s better than a little make up sex, right? Anger isn’t a nice feeling but this is where the phrase “seeing red” transpires from.

Red Is For Love…

It’s romantic, it’s dreamy, and it’s the colour of love. There are no two ways about it – the colour red will always be closely linked to love and romance. Lady in Red is an iconic song for lovers.

Red Is For Standing Out…

Wearing red is a bold statement choice – it tells people you are confident and powerful. It sets you apart from others in a crowd and just look at how the colour red is used in advertising and by companies. It’s a big colour with a big voice.

Red Shoes, No Knickers?

Have you ever wondered where the saying “red shoes, no knickers” comes from? Do men actually assume if you have on a pair of red shoes that you have no knickers on? Don’t bin those sexy red heels just yet…

Red shoes, no knickers at some point became intertwined with the similar expression “all fur coat and no knickers”. The actual synonym behind these expressions is a lot less seedy than you might have imagined. It actually just means someone who is superficially beautiful. However, as far back as the 40s and 50s, red was often associated with hookers. Even to this day, we have the “Red Light Districts”.

No need to ditch those red shoes or look at them less favourably ladies! Most men you ask wouldn’t know what this expression meant anyway (best keeping this to yourself methinks). So wear those beautiful red shoes and enjoy – whether you opt for sexy knickers or not is your choice!

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