Cage Bras – Sexy Multi Strap Bra Styling

You can let your boobs take centre stage by opting for cage bras to wear in the bedroom. These are designed to draw all eyes to your cleavage – gloriously framed by sexy strappy detailing.

This style of bra varies in design, some might have minimal strapping and others might consist of nothing but straps! Cage bras add a touch of fetish lingerie fun. They can be worn as part of an outfit or as some sexy underwear, and have a bdsm look without venturing too far into the dungeon.

Did You Know | Cage Bra Trends | How To Wear

Did You Know? Are Cage Bras Comfortable?

Lovehoney Plus Size Underwired Lace Triangle Bra and Crotchless G-String Set
Lovehoney Plus Size Underwired Lace Triangle Bra

The comfort of cage bras is largely down to two factors: design and breast size. Many cage bras are very supportive which means they will be comfortable.

However, some are literally all about the strapping and little else. These are designed to turn on your lover, not to offer your breasts support. You might end up more saggy than sexy which will leave you feeling unsexy.

Shop around until you find one that will be a good fit for your bust.

We need to consider breast size here ladies, concerning the comfort of cage bras. If you are on the smaller chest size then you’ll likely have no issues with a less supportive, or cupless, cage bra. They were designed with smaller breasts in mind to a large extent. Some of the styles might not be a great choice for the larger boobs out there. It’s important not to focus too much on the model wearing the cage bra and think instead of your boobs would look the same in one.

There’s a lot of sexy choices out there when it comes to cage bras so look no further than our trending style list. We’ve based our results on habits of UK online shoppers. Our team of researchers have looked into the most popular internet searches of this season

1. Cupless Cage Bras

Cottelli Wet Look and Lace Open Cup cage Bra Set with Wrist Ties
Cottelli Wet Look and Lace Open Cup Bra Set with Wrist Ties

We’ll see your cage bra and we will raise it with a cupless cage bra – there will be no poker face in this game! Your lover’s face will give away all he is feeling!

Cupless bras have one intention and that is to make your boobs the main star of attraction. The cage detailing adds another element of sexiness to the design. Your lover will not be able to keep his eyes, or his hands, off your shapely figure.

Wear With: Crotchless knickers.

2. Lace Cage Bras

Lovehoney Plus Size Wild Desire Black Leopard Lace cage Bra Set
Lovehoney Wild Desire Black Leopard Lace Bra

With the lace fabric and the cage bra effect you have a winning combination here. Lace is flattering, seductive, and ultra-feminine while the strapping over your cleavage just screams come and get me.

Perfect for a romantic night in, lace cage bras are a visual delight for anyone lucky enough to see you in it. Boost your confidence and look amazing in a cage bra made with lace.

Wear With: Lace Thong and Heels.

3. Cage Bra & Knicker Sets

Lovehoney Plus Size Fierce Caged Desire Wet Look Bra Set
Lovehoney Plus Size Fierce Caged Desire Wet Look Bra Set

Everyone likes an even number, right? So why not buy a matching cage bra and knickers set to really inject excitement into the bedroom? A matching set completes your sexy look with minimal effort involved.

There will be plenty for your lover to take in with the straps to admire on both your cleavage and your rear. A cage bra and knickers set gives you a finished look to be admired.

Wear With: Wet Look Stockings.

How To Wear Cage Bras

If you’ve decided that this strappy sexy lingerie is for you, but you aren’t quite sure how to create that naughty outfit – our team has you covered. Here’s our lingerie editorial team’s top suggestions to create a flawlessly seductive look.

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