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Cottelli Wet Look and Lace Open Cup Bra Set with Wrist Ties
Cottelli Wet Look and Lace Open Cup Bra Set

Many women opt for cupless bras as part of their bedroom wear, much to the delight of their partners. With these you cop a lot more than an eyeful – you get two eyefuls!

They crank up the naughty dial that little bit more to make nights in anything but boring, exposing the breasts and nipples for erotic play. Open cup bras come in an array of fabric and styles – you are spoilt for choice.

Did You Know | Cupless Bra Style Guide | How To Wear

Did You Know? Do Cupless Bras Offer any Support?

Lovehoney Plus Size Love Me Black Lace Open Cup Babydoll Set
Love Me Black Lace Open Cup Babydoll – Lovehoney

The short answer to this is “no”. However, the pleasure of a cupless lingerie item is in leaving your breasts exposed to be admired and touched.

If you have discounted this style because you don’t feel confident without support, all is not lost and there are still styles that might appeal to you.

With larger breasts, you might not be keen on cupless – but might consider quarter or half cup bra styles. Half cups offer most support so these are worth trying. You can also consider peekaboo bras which offer support whilst exposing your nipples.

Cupless Bra Trends

Our team of dedicated lingerie editors really know their stuff when it comes to sexy underwear styles for women. We’ve researched the most popular trends in cupless bra styles this season in the UK. These top 3 sexy bra styles are based on the habits of internet shoppers, so here are the most popular open cup styles this year!

1. Quarter Cup Bras  

Cottelli Blush Pink Satin Quarter Cup Crotchless Bra Set

Quarter cup bras let your boobs almost hang free, but not quite. This look is very sexy and goes very well with some sexy nipple pasties.

With a quarter cup, your nipples are on display but you get a little support from underneath. A special anniversary, a date night, or perhaps a surprise night of raunchy fun. Whatever the occasion a quarter cup bra is a great choice to mix things up in the bedroom.

Wear With: Matching Thong and Nipple Pasties.

2. Half Cup Bra

Coquette Darque Wet Look Half Cup Basque
Wet Look Half Cup Basque – Coquette Darque

Also referred to as a demi-cup, half cup bras lift your boobs giving them great shape and definition. Half cups come up to the halfway point of your breast meaning there’s still lots of them on display.

These offer more support for your bust than the quarter cup style so appeal to women with larger boobs.

Wear With: Lace Top Stockings and Sexy Heels.

3. Peephole Bras

Appealing to a wider range of women, peephole bras offer more coverage without losing any of their sassiness.   

You have the benefit of the full support the bra offers but with a teasing glimpse of your breasts thanks to the peephole cutout. Incredibly sexy and seductive, peephole bras bring an adult theme to the game I Spy!

Wear With: Crotchless Knickers and Fishnet Stockings.

How To Wear Cupless Bras

Wondering what best compliments those shapely boobs in their cupless bra? Our style guide below offers some top notch suggestions for killer accessories to create an effortlessly erotic lingerie look.

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