Basque Lingerie

Tailor made for seduction, basque lingerie is a classic women’s underwear cut that looks and feels great. A more structured fit, and the ever popular stockings and suspenders make this sexy underwear a versatile choice. They can be worn in the bedroom, or underneath an outfit for a night out.

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What is a Basque?

A basque is a fitted piece of lingerie with cups which comes just above or on the waistline. They typically have suspender straps so you can attach stockings to your lingerie. Basques often get confused with corsets so let’s take a quick look at the difference. Corsets are sturdier pieces of lingerie with the intent of pulling you in to accentuate your shape and can be worn with that little black dress to smooth out lumps and bumps. Basques are less sturdy and are fastened less harshly than corsets ( corsets are tied and you can tighten the laces as you desire). With this in mind, basques fit a wider range of body shapes than corsets do. Basques have a built-in bra for support for your cleavage which can add shape and definition to your chest area.

Basque Style Guide

Women’s basque lingerie is a style icon that’s never gone out of fashion. The inclusion of features such as boned corsets, as well as it’s ability to serve as a highly functional underwear item means it’s here to stay.

See Through Basques

See-through basques are the perfect starter to any bedroom naughtiness and will set the scene perfectly. Perhaps not for everyone but you will be surprised at just how sexy a see-through basque can look on many body shapes. The key is to be confident in your skin and own that basque, confidence is beautiful and empowering and can be a real turn-on in the bedroom. Just how see-through you choose to go is up to you, there are the modest ones which show glimpses of your body or there are ones leaving nothing to the imagination (apart from perhaps what bedroom fun can be had). You can further tease by adding nipple tassels, heels and even a wig.

Basque Corsets

We talked a little above about the differences between basques and corsets and we have established corsets are much more fitted as a way of pulling you in. Basque Corsets are popular under wedding dresses to give a smooth finished look and they are also popular under that little black dress. They reduce the size of the waist to allow for an hourglass body shape. They are usually made in cotton, satin or leather so that the material can stretch well over the upper body. You can choose a design which is over the bust or under the bust. Corsets can be worn on their own or with some sexy accessories.

Wedding/Bridal Basques

Whether you are looking for lingerie under your wedding dress or for your wedding night antics then there is a plentitude of choice when it comes to basques. If there was ever a time to feel beautiful, luscious and sensual then it’s on your wedding day. Something a little sexy underneath can go a long way to boosting your confidence and even calming those big day nerves. Corsets or basques under wedding dresses are popular as they offer support while at the same time smoothing out your shape. Basques have a hook and eye fastening which means you can move around freely while still being supported.

Honeymoon Basques

Picking a basque (or basques, why stop at one) for your honeymoon can be fun. They range from modest to skimpy, so there is a lot of variety to choose from. Seductive and alluring you could pick a theme for your basque and combine with some extras for some naughty role-play. Some stockings and heels can add that extra “ wow” Into lingerie. Honeymoons are a time for lovers to be with each other wholly and completely and a basque provides the perfect start to a night of passion, romance and love.

Basque Lingerie FAQ

What is a basque?

A basque is similar to the design of a corset in that they pull the waist in to help achieve the classic hourglass shape. Basques are less rigid than corsets due to their hook and eye fastening up the back. They are typically worn under special outfits such as wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses and offer support to the bust area. They typically are strapless and start from the chest and come down to the waistline, suspender belts can be attached for stockings.

What to wear with a basque?

Basques can be versatile so it depends what you want the basque for. If it’s to pull you in, smooth out those curves and offer cup support under a special outfit then they are perfect for this. But they can also be worn on their own as night time lingerie for that romantic night in. A basque can be worn by women of many different shapes and can complement your breasts and good news – they also help with posture.

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