Strappy Lingerie – Cage Your Body In Sexy Underwear

Strappy lingerie is sexy, sleek, flattering, and something a little different.The detailing creates a lot of erotic interest around your curves, and creates a fetish twist to your underwear look.

Strappy features on bras, bodysuits, and knickers will be sure to tempt your lover into a night of late-night frolics. Cage bras and knickers have a touch of fetishism to them which appeals to so many. Strappy lingerie shows off all those gorgeous curves and accentuates your favourite body parts. Cage lingerie imprisons your body, waiting for it to be released.

Strappy Lingerie Style Guide

Worried what might be thought of as too strappy? Wondering what style of this lingerie type suits you best? Keep reading as we reveal our very own strappy underwear style guide.

Strappy & Cage Bras

Strappy bras accentuate your breasts in all the right places. You might prefer some simple straps down the cleavage or you may like a cage bra. The panelling effect of cage lingerie truly does wonders for your figure. You can choose from lace, wet-look, sheer, or PVC.

Strappy Bodysuits

With bodysuits you can choose a little strapping or how about nothing BUT strapping? Your flesh is there to be admired and admired it will be. Deep plunging neckline and lots of bare skin are surely a perfect recipe for sexy bedroom fun?

Strappy Chemise

Strappy Chemises will have the bedroom temperature soaring so it’s a good job your skin can breathe in one of these! Chemises fit the body closely, and the strappy detail makes you stand out just as you should. A sheer chemise with strap detailing will certainly bring all eyes to you.

Strappy Cage Back Knickers

Strappy cage back knickers are great for some flirty bedroom fun. Cute from the front but wait until your rear is discovered! Cage knickers flatter your booty and certainly give your lover something to look at. Get ready for some cheeky shenanigans and why not complete these knickers with some suspenders and stockings?

How To Wear Strappy Lingerie & Look Great!

Have you perhaps steered clear of strappy lingerie as you don’t feel quite body confident enough? Perhaps you aren’t sure what bits to flaunt and which to cover up? Worried you’ll have more lumps than the standard school custard? Put that angst aside, we have you covered, excuse the pun.

  • Know which parts of your body you are comfortable with the most.
  • Decide if you are comfortable with lots of strapping or just a little.
  • Know what lingerie style you want to go for with the straps or cage look.
  • You need to get the size that will fit you perfectly – too tight and things may bulge, too loose and there will be lots of readjusting – not sexy.
  • Put it on slowly, make sure you are not too hot or still damp from your shower. This will make it more difficult to position.
  • Once you’ve got it on you might need to adjust the straps so they are sitting comfortably against your skin.
  • Make sure there is no twisting – a full-length mirror is your friend here.
  • Own your look and be mega confident in it.
  • Pair up with stockings, heels, or gloves for a sexy finish.
Cage Bras – Sexy Multi Strap Bra Styling

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