Crotchless Lingerie

It doesn’t get much more sexy than crotchless lingerie. It’s the ultimate in easy access erotic underwear. There’s nothing more sexy than wearing a pair of crotchless knickers to give your partner a naughty surprise!

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Crotchless Lingerie Style Guide

Looking for some open crotch underwear inspiration? Here’s some great ideas to create a bit of chemistry with your other half. The great thing about most crotchless women’s underwear is that it’s very budget friendly. Low costs mean you can regularly invest in a new naughty treat. Variety is the spice of life after all!

Crotchless Knickers

Crotchless panties can be surprisingly comfortable and many women find them more hygienic and breathable than knickers with a crotch. They also allow for those unexpected moments of passion or indeed a planned hot date. Crotchless knickers come in the same fabrics as normal ones so you can expect to find lace, cotton, silk, beaded, jewelled or satin. You can also enjoy a whole host of different cuts in crotchless options including backless, strappy, boyshorts, thongs, G-strings and Hipster. Whether you choose a subtle crotchless design or full out crotchless is up to you and what you are comfortable with.

Crotchless Thongs

If you are on the hunt for a provocative crotchless option then thongs may well be the ones for you. You can even buy some sexy add ons such as jewels or bows to glam up a thong. Crotchless thongs are sexy and a real turn on for all parties. Why go commando when you can tease your lover in the run-up to sex by describing your thong and it’s crotchless design. There is something very sexy about being dressed and undressed at the same time. May women choose thongs for their minimalist style and comfort.

Crotchless Bodystockings

Looking for a special valentine’s treat where you will both get to have fun? Or maybe you just want to add some zing into your love life? Crotchless bodystockings come in an array of colours and styles and will show off your body in all sorts of ways. Crotchless means you don’t even need to go to the hassle of taking it off leaving your lover with lots to explore before, during and after sex. Some come with a discreet panel which can be lifted to the side or you may prefer one with a gap. Lace, sheer, fishnet… the choices are endless.

Crotchless Teddys

Crotchless teddies are a popular bedroom outfit because they look and feel sexy but are also comfortable yet flexible. Bodysuits are designed for all shapes and sizes and crotchless ones are no different. You can buy a one-piece teddy which can be perfect for hiding those wobbly bits or you can choose a truly seductive piece which flaunts parts of your body before your lover’s very eyes. Complete your look with some stockings and heels or even a wig for the ultimate date night in. Who said nights in were boring because they are anything but with these bad boys.

How to Wear Crotchless Knickers

How to wear crotchless knickers might seem rather an obvious question but due to the variety out there it’s important to be comfortable in your underwear. There is nothing worse than badly fitting kickers, especially crotchless ones. Find a style that suits you and go with it, you’ll be surprised how empowering it can feel wearing crotchless underwear. You wear them as you would any pants, and there will either be a gap in the crotch or a discreet removable panel. Feel super hot on a night out in one or partner one up in the bedroom with a maxing bra.

What is a Crotchless Thong?

A crotchless thong is almost the same as a full thong in that it resembles a bikini bottom with a thin waistband, minimal material worn through the buttocks and a piece of material over the crotch if its a full thong. Crotchless means there is a gap or a removable piece over the crotch which can add some spice to sex lives. It can be worn under clothing for a night out – it makes public toilets easier to manoeuvre and can leave the woman feeling incredibly in tune with her body. It can also be worn during sex due to its easy access.

How To Make Crotchless Underwear?

The answer that springs to mind is why would you want to know how to make crotchless underwear? However, if you want to add a sexy twist to an underwear cut that doesn’t usually come in open crotch styles, it’s relatively easy to create your own. All you need to do is adjust an existing pair with some scissors and a sewing machine. Our step by step guide on how to make crotchless underwear will guide you through the process!

A History Of Crotchless Knickers

Were you one of those under the assumption that crotchless knickers are solely used as part of bedroom passion? How about if we told you they’d been around for many years and were popular by Victorian women too? Surprised? Let’s look at why. Back then women wore a lot of layers under their clothes to stop their skin touching the outer clothing. So crotchless knickers were worn so that women could relieve themselves quickly and effortlessly. Many women also regarded them as more hygienic. It’s a popular reason why they are still worn today. Public toilets are often a “hover and aim” experience for us women so crotchless knickers make this even simpler. It’s a case of lifting the dress or pulling down the trousers and peeing, without faffing around with knickers.

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