Crotchless Knickers

Crotchless knickers add a little naughty fun into the bedroom. Lace, fishnet, see through or latex, crotchless panties allow you to look sizzling hot without any need to take them off. Let your lover discover the open crotch for themselves to guarantee satisfaction all round.

Best Crotchless Knickers by Colour

Our team here at Lingerie Brands have checked out the latest crotchless undies available from top naughty retailers. We’ve created top picks in useful categories we know our readers will appreciate.

Here’s a few bits of open crotch inspo for that naughty night in!

Black Crotchless Knickers

Classic colours never get old, and black open crotch panties are easy to match with any other black lingerie item. Glide into a sexy black chemise, stockings, suspenders, and a naughty crotchless thong. Sizzlingly sensual and easy to wear!

Here’s our top black open crotch panties: dark and delicious!

Bondara Flirt Pyramid Peekaboo Cut-Out Crotchless Knicker

Playing peekaboo has never been so sexy. These crotchless knickers feature mesh and lace and have a caged feature to the rear for extra naughty appeal. The black satin bow to the front followed by the front split takes all attention to your crotch.

skimpy crotchless black lace knickers with bow


  • Black crotchless knickers featuring see-through lace.
  • Peekaboo split to the front enhanced by the satin bow
  • Caged feature to the rear.
  • Thong inspired knickers to show off your curves.

Mandy Mystery Crotchless G-String

Make your intentions abundantly clear in this black crotchless G-string. What’s lacking in the material is what makes this pair of knickers so sexy. Bare all and give your lover the full view – he won’t need directions for this one.

black satin crotchless g-string


  • Black crotchless G-string featuring sheer fabric.
  • Skimpy pair of knickers for sexy nights in.
  • Elasticated waist fits UK sizes 8 to 14.
  • Pair with a sexy peekaboo bra for the complete look.

Lovehoney Crotchless Lace Ruffle-Back Knickers

Perfect for accentuating your curves, this lace number with its ruffles also has a thick waistband.  These crotchless knickers feature floral lace and the rear comes complete with a satin bow and a ruffled lace panel.

see through black lace crotchless briefs with ruffle back


  • Black floral lace knickers with an open crotch.
  • Satin bow and ruffles to the rear for added sexiness.
  • Deep waistband will show off your curves.
  • The sheer material gives glimpses of your flesh.

Red Crotchless Knickers

It’s well known red lingerie is incredibly popular with any woman looking to set a romantic scene. A pair of red crotchless knickers bring a whole new layer of eroticism, they scream passion and seduction. Leave your subtlety at the door girls, it has no place here!

Our best picks in smouldering red open crotch knickers await!

Lovehoney Red Crotchless Lace G-String

Say it all in this red lace crotchless G-string – your lover won’t need telling twice. The red lace with the black bow is super sexy. Your lover’s eyes will be drawn to the lace panel down the middle which opens at the crotch for those intimate moments.

see through red lace crotchless g-string with black bow on front


  • Red lace G-string with open crotch.
  • Black bow in the centre draws attention to your intimate area.
  • Lace panel rides down the front opening at the crotch.
  • Features a low rise waistband.

Bondara Flirt Red Lace Cut-Out Crotchless G-String

This G-string is sure to tease and excite in equal measures. With the little split on the front to the caged effect strapping your partner will be gobsmacked when he catches you in this. The red floral lace screams seduction and romance – what are you waiting for?

red lace crotchless thong


  • Red G-string featuring red floral lace.
  • Open crotch and a split on the front for the tease factor.
  • Caged effect straps to the hips to accentuate your curves.
  • Available in UK sizes 6 to 14.

Oh La La Cheri Red Lace Crotchless Knickers

With their corset-style back and floral lace design, these red crotchless knickers have it all.  The low rise and high cut legs truly flatter your body shape which will make you feel sexy. The strapping to the back shows off your skin and the open crotch means they don’t even need to come off –  result.


  • Red crotchless knickers with a low cut waist to flatter.
  • Features floral lace and corset-style rear.
  • High legs emphasise your thighs beautifully.
  • Available in UK sizes 6 to 18.

Pink Crotchless Knickers

Sugary sweet and softly feminine, pink lingerie of all kinds is a more subtly seductive colour. So when you slide on some pink crotchless knickers it might take your partner a couple of glances to realise your naughty secret.

Here’s some deliciously sexy pink open crotch underwear suggestions!

Dreamgirl Blush Pink Lace Bow Detail Crotchless Knickers

The black bow against the pink lace gives these knickers a romantic look that is begging to be touched. The low-rise cut gives your lover plenty of curves to adore while the discreet open crotch will be an exciting discovery.

pink lace crotchless panties with blackbow to the rear


  • Pink lace knickers with open crotch.
  • Small black bow to the front with a larger one on the rear.
  • Low cut rise to accentuate your hips.
  • Stretch fabric for added comfort.

Seven ’til Midnight Crotchless Pink Lace and Mesh Cage Briefs

Bright pink is one way to get your loved one’s attention, and we know they will be focused on you when you wear these crotchless panties from Seven Til Midnight. The bright pink lace and mesh combo is very pretty and when you do a twirl the back takes sexy to whole new levels!

cage back pink crotchless knickers


  • Low rise pink crotchless knickers with elasticated straps.
  • Lace design with mesh centre.
  • The rear features a backless cage design.

Pink bows positioned on front and back.

Best Crotchless Panties by Fabric

Colour preference is always the first thing we look at when buying lingerie, but equally important is the type of fabric. From soft see through lace to rigid and shiny PVC, there’s lots to consider.

To help your musing, we’ve selected some open crotch panties in popular fabrics. Here’s a few of our favourites!


Soft, sensual and tantalisingly transparent. Lace lingerie is enduringly popular for very good reason.

Lovehoney Crotchless Lace Thong with Satin Bows

This black lace thong manages to flatter your hips and waist with the deep waistband without skimping on the wow factor. The two bows to the back take all eyes to your rear which is visible under the sexy mesh material.

open crotch black lace panties with two bows on the back


  • Crotchless and mesh black lace knickers.
  • Deep lace waistband flatters your waist.
  • The rear features peekaboo opening and bows.
  • Mesh shows off your bare skin underneath.

Bondara Flirt Diamond Peekaboo Crotchless Thong

Featuring black lace with diamond cut-outs, this thong has an unusual design which shows off your curves. The Crotchless area is accentuated by the cut-out front and the back shows off your assets wonderfully.


  • Black lace crotchless thong.
  • Diamond cut-out front brings attention to open crotch.
  • The see-through lace will seduce your partner in seconds.
  • The low-rise front shows off your figure.

Bondara Flirt White Lace Crotchless G-string

White is far from plain when it features an open crotch and a sexy front split. Give your lover a sneaky peak of your intimate area in this G-string in lace and mesh. Complete with a white bow, all attention will be taken to just one area – let your lover find the crotchless surprise.


  • White Lace and mesh G-string.
  • Open crotch for added intimacy.
  • Split sections to the front brought together with a bow.
  • The skimpy back shows your rear.

Wet Look & Latex

Very similar in appearance but different in consistency, wet look and latex is sure to please everyone who loves fetish lingerie stylings. Whilst wet look is super shiny and often looks like latex, it’s usually made of soft polyester. Still tight fitting, it’s a lot more practical than it’s super shiny rubbery latex counterpart.

Which do you prefer? Check out our wet look and latex crotchless thongs and knickers below!

Lovehoney Wet Look Open Back Briefs

Your lover will be desperate to stroke you when he sees you in these wet-look knickers complete with open back and crotch. The lace-trimmed opening just adds a little extra detail to these very sleek and sexy knickers.

wet look open back knickers with lace trim


  • Wet-look briefs with open crotch.
  • The rear features an open back for a sexy look.
  • Lace trim brings attention to the open back.
  • These knickers flatter your curves.

Lovehoney Wet Look Crotchless Knickers

For an erotic look, these wet-look knickers are a perfect choice. From the smooth black material to the small heart charm, your lover is in for a treat of high proportions. These bikini-style briefs are sensual and flattering and will provide your lover with a night full of sexy fun.

black crotchless wet look knickers


  • Smooth wet-look crotchless briefs.
  • Ruched back brings all attention to your rear.
  • Lovehoney charm to the front keeps all eyes on your crotch.
  • Shiny black material empathises your curves.

Bondara Siren Black Latex High Waist Crotchless Briefs

Bring a touch of bondage to the bedroom with these high waisted crotchless knickers. Smooth, sleek and sexy – your lover will need no invitation. The highly flattering cut brings in your waist giving your body a gorgeous shape. Thrill your partner with the hidden open crotch.

high waisted latex crotchless briefs in black


  • Black Latex high waisted briefs.
  • Open crotch for sexy fun.
  • The Flattering cut shows off your hips and waist.
  • Bondage-inspired item of lingerie.

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