How to Wash White Lingerie- Keeping Your Sexy White Underwear Pristine

woman in white bra and knickers

White lingerie is very popular due to its femininity but keeping it white can be tricky. There is nothing worse than your favourite sexy white underwear turning a dull off-white or even grey.

There’s nothing seductive about a once-white erotic outfit, is there? It might end up resembling something your Granny would wear.  Follow our how-to guide on how to wash white lingerie. Keep those delicates pristine white and ready for another naughty night in!

  • Always follow the product label advice when it comes to white lingerie. It will tell you the recommended cycle temperature. Never be tempted to go hotter than it suggests – you may well find your once skimpy item is now tighter than spandex!
  • Never wash whites with other colours, unless of course, you are looking to change the entire lingerie look! We don’t recommend it, it won’t be pretty!
  • When you are loading the washing machine have a good root around the drum first. There’s nothing worse than a stray pink sock that you didn’t spot in time!
  • Choose a detergent that’s designed for white delicates, it really does make so much difference to the end result.
  • Treat any stains on your white lingerie as soon as possible – the longer you leave it, the more difficult it’ll be to remove. Soaking is key here, even though it might be a bit of a faff.
  • When treating stains, natural products are far more effective (and cheaper) You can use white vinegar, baking soda, or lemon juice. The useful thing being that many of us will have at least one of these items in the back of the cupboard. (Probably found next to those spices you’ve never used!)
  • As well as only washing similar colours together you are also best washing similar fabrics together. Avoid popping anything in with your delicates that may cause snagging, such as zips or metal buttons.
  • After washing them, make sure you reshape them as best you can and then leave them to dry flat. Likewise, with drying, make sure you follow the care guide so if it says not suitable for tumble dryers then don’t be tempted to dry it this way.

How to Wash White Lingerie – What Not To Do

  • Sure, you might be lucky should you decide to ignore the washing instructions but is it worth the risk? I guess it depends on how much you love it!
  • When you’ve purchased a sexy piece of white lingerie you want to keep it pristine. This means avoiding any tearing or other issues in the machine. So don’t just throw it in hoping for the best. The most successful way of keeping it in tip-top condition is to buy a mesh bag to pop it through the wash in.
  • Don’t be tempted to save time and pop it in with other colours, no matter how dull they may be. Whites don’t stay white when mixed with dull – it just makes sense doesn’t it?
  • Once you have gone to the effort of washing them, make sure you dry them correctly. But also store them correctly so that they keep their shape and worth.
  • It’s best to never hang delicates up, flat out on a towel is always best.
  • Never rub the stain too much or too hard, a little rub and a soak should suffice.
  • If you decide to use bleach as a stain removal don’t be tempted to go OTT. Dilute well and pat at the stain then pop it through the wash.

Did You Know?

It’s pretty straightforward to make your own washing detergent and during the pandemic, a lot of people decided to – particularly with laundrettes and the like being closed.

All You Need For Homemade Detergent:

  • Soap flakes
  • Washing soda
  • Borax

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