What Are Brazilian Knickers? A Guide To Sexy Lingerie Cuts

Lovehoney Love Me Lace Crotchless Brazilian Knickers Black
Love Me Lace Crotchless Brazilian Knickers Black by Lovehoney

Brazilian knickers are a happy medium sitting somewhere between a pair of bikini-style knickers and a thong. They are designed to flatter your body shape and the high finish elongates your legs.

They generally have more material than a skimpy thong yet still sit seductively low on your hips. The sides are wider which gives them a flattering look and they are great for showing off your peachy rear. From the front, they almost look like a pair of normal briefs.

Brazilian Knickers – Key Features

  • Sit low on the hips.
  • Flatters curvy figures.
  • Less material on the back to flatter the bum.
  • Wide sides are suitable for fuller figures.
  • The rear material is not as skimpy as a thong and bikini.
  • The band on the rear is wide and not designed to run inside the buttocks.
  • Designed to expose mid to lower buttocks.
  • Full coverage on the front intimate areas.
  • Comfortable to wear.

How To Wear Brazilian Knickers

We’ve established that Brazilian knickers are ultra-flattering so how should they be worn? It very much depends on the occasion but they will be comfortable under a sexy outfit and can also be worn with other seductive underwear. Below we’ve put together our top picks for wearing your Brazilian knickers. Of course, you also have the option of just wearing the knickers, who is going to complain?

Wear With:

Exposed Black Sheer Leopard Print Chemise Set
Exposed Black Sheer Leopard Print Chemise Set – Lovehoney

See Through Chemise

A sexy see through chemise is the perfect pairing for a pair of brazilian knickers. The high cut panties will create a perfect peach out of your bum, and a sheer chemise will provide a flattering and tantalising backdrop to display your sexy knickers!

Cottelli Collection Two-Look Bra, Suspender Belt and G-String
Cottelli Collection Suspender Belt and G-String by Lovehoney

Stockings & Suspenders

A sexy stockings and suspenders set creates the perfect frame for Brazilian panties. The combination of the strappy lines created by stockings and this type of sexy knickers creates a whole load of erotic interest.

Quarter Cup Bra

Lovehoney Black Quarter Cup Bra and Crotchless Knickers Set
Black Quarter Cup Bra and Crotchless Knickers Set – Lovehoney

Why should your bum get all the attention? A Quarter cup bra is the perfect accompaniment to a pair of brazilian panties. A quarter cup will sit underneath your breasts like a shelf, putting them front and centre for erotic play.

Why Brazilian Knickers Are Flattering

The wider sides instantly make Brazilian knickers flattering to wear. Thicker bands on the hips will support curvier women and it’s the same deal with the rear strip. When you have a pair of Brazilian knickers on there shouldn’t be any awkward adjusting, which let’s face it, isn’t a great look. They are largely described as “cheeky” due to the exposed rear which gives you a gorgeous curvy figure.

Do You Know … What body shape suits brazilian Panties?

The great thing about Brazilian panties is that you can wear them comfortably whatever your size. If you are slim then they can accentuate your hips, and if you are more pear-shaped they really balance your figure out. The wider hip bands mean they will sit in place on your hips too. If you aren’t as tall as you would like then Brazilians can be great at making you visually taller due to the high peg cut. Brazilian knickers were designed with flattery in mind so embrace them!

Are Brazilian Knickers Comfortable?

The great news with Brazilian knickers is they don’t only look sexy they are also more comfortable than thongs for most people. With thongs, you run the danger of losing that bit of material up your, erm, crack but it’s wider on Brazilians which means no rummaging is needed! Of course, some fabrics will be softer than others and it’s worth paying attention to the fabric on the rear strip. The only real downfall to Brazilian knickers is that pesky VPL. But hey, no one said you had to wear clothes with them anyway!

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