How To Fold Lingerie – How To Store Sexy Bras, Knickers & Corsets!

You might think the hardest part about sexy lingerie is parting with your cash to meet those price tags. However, that’s the easy part – looking after and storing your items in the months and years to follow is fundamentally important.

Just like we need to be careful when washing new products we also need to make sure we are folding and storing them correctly. Failure to do so means you tend to look more crumpled than chic and that’s perhaps not the look you were striving to achieve.

Folding and storing your sexy lingerie properly will prolong it’s life!

Once you get into a good care routine with your lingerie you will thank yourself in the long run. Those extra minutes spent caring for your bedroom wear will ensure you have many happy years together! Not only this but how many times have you had to turn a drawer full of undies upside down to find that ONE pair you need? With a little sorting, this will be a problem of the past.

How To Fold Bras

I wonder how many people reading this currently fold their bras in half to store in their drawers? If you are, you might want to rethink. You want cups to retain their shape and by folding your bras you are essentially not giving them room to breathe. Instead, stack your bras inside each other to keep the cups in good shape. You can buy specific drawer dividers to help hold bras in their place during storage. This can be a good option if you own a lot of them.

Store your bras flat to make them last longer

Top Tip: we know stacking them can make it harder when time is pushed to find the one you need. So, stack them in colour order so you’ll know roughly where to find the one you need at any given time. Or even stack them in terms of occasion and functionality.

How To Fold Thongs

You might be surprised to read there is a proper way to fold thongs – perhaps you are now casting your mind to the knickers drawer thinking “oops”. How can something of so little material need folding a particular way? It not only stops any unwanted creases but it also means you have a tidy and organised drawer which surely makes getting dressed quicker?

Thongs should be rolled up or folded neatly in 3 sections.

First, lay your thong down rear side up. Bring up the bottom of the thong to meet the top section so it’s over the waistband. Then bring both sides of the waistband into the middle so it’s effectively in thirds. Then you can pop it in your drawer stacked with the others – you’ll be amazed how tidy it all looks afterwards.

Top Tip: Many people opt for the roll method when it comes to thongs which is ok too. Rolling is actually a really great way for packing a suitcase too so it makes sense to use this method if you prefer.

How To Fold Knickers

When you sort out your knickers pop them all on the bed and be ruthless when it comes to organising. It’s best to have different piles categorised how you see fit, such as everyday wear, colours, lace, Crotchless, or wet-look. Having different piles will make getting dressed so much quicker.

How to fold knickers
Use the square method to fold knickers into neat shapes for drawer storage.

When it comes to folding try and adopt the square method. To do this you need to lie your underwear flat on the bed or floor and fold the bottom part up to meet the waistband. Then bring both sides to meet each other in the middle and you should have a square shape. You then fold the square in half and stack them like this in your drawer.

Top Tip: You can use some old shoe boxes inside your knickers drawer to keep and organise your knickers into an order that works for you.

How To Fold Corsets

You might have assumed the only way to store corsets was by hanging them due to the boning structure. However, there are still ways to store your corsets in drawers, however, you are right in that folding isn’t really all that possible in the case of corsets.

The best way to store corsets is to lay them flat on top of each other. You may find your drawers don’t have enough space to allow this. If you are short on space you have a few options; you can use a container so that they more or less stand up. Or, alternatively, you can fold them into a third by bringing the sides in.

Top Tip: When stacking your corsets be sure not to allow for any snagging. If you have corsets with detailing or sharper parts be careful how you position them so it doesn’t tear other ones. You could lay some packaging paper between the corsets ( phew finally a use for all that Amazon packaging). Failing this, pillow cases in between will work too.

Organisation Is Key The most important part of sorting your lingerie is deciding what to keep and what is maybe past its best. We only have to look at the popularity of the Marie Kondo method for some inspiration.

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