Tummy Flattering Sexy Lingerie – Styles That Offer Cover or Control

When we buy sexy lingerie we want to show off our body’s best bits. The tummy is a source of concern for many of us ladies, so with that in mind we’ve written a guide to tummy flattering sexy lingerie.

Control Your Tummy With

It’s so important to feel confident in our choice of lingerie because feeling confident will allow you the mental space to connect with your sensuality. There are plenty of lingerie choices that control your tummy and offer support and sculpting, whilst still offering sex appeal.


black basque with tummy toning shapes and boning
Basques offer body shaping structure, and often feature flattering fabric panels or light plasting boning to create a pleasing shape around the tummy and waist.

Basques do two jobs once they are on – they hug your body, offering some shape and they also lift your bust. Once your bust is lifted your figure already changes and gives you a sexy, curvaceous look. Basque lingerie also offers control to your torso, offering a smooth and sculpted look without being too restrictive.


black underbust corset
Corsets offer a very structured fit and are ideal to draw in the waist and flatten the tummy.

Corsets are the most tummy controlling piece of lingerie you can buy. They use steel, or sometimes plastic, boning which provides a very structured look. Corsets can be tightened to the desired fit and either worn alone or under clothing. This structured lingerie cut gives you a very defined hourglass figure.


Similar to a corset, the waspie brings in the waist giving the woman a slimmer figure. However, waspies fasten only around the waist, unlike a corset. Waspies bring in the tummy giving control and definition to your silhouette.

High Waist Knickers

PVC high waisted knickers with zip up front
High waist knickers will flatten and shape your tummy, a thicker fabric such as the wet look style in this picture will offer firmer support and sex appeal. Win win!

High waist knickers are ideal for keeping control of the tummy and hips areas. Shorter knickers have a terrible habit of rolling down if you have more curves which can be uncomfortable, and let’s face it not sexy. High waist knickers are designed with curves in mind and sit comfortably at your waist, flattering your body shape well.


sexy tummy flattering bodysuit

Bodystockings don’t offer as much tummy control as the others we’ve mentioned but they do smooth the body, giving it a polished look. This all in one lingerie will cover the whole body. If you are a little more self-conscious these can make a great choice. The sheer, wet-look  or lace fabric will complement your body beautifully, providing light support and shaping.

Cover Your Tummy With

Plenty of lingerie offers tummy coverage which is important to many women who are a little more self-conscious. There are many styles which complement curves perfectly and leave your feeling incredibly sexy. If showing off your tummy fills you with dread then opt for something sexy which covers your curves well.


sexy red babydoll with lace cups and tummy flattering front panel
Babydolls have a loose drape and often fall away from underneath the bust. Great to provide coverage and draw attention to your boobs!

Babydolls are great for a bit more coverage but also a looser, less restrictive feel. They tend to open out in the skirt area to provide a flowing feel. Babydolls are usually designed to show some boob and lots of legs while looking very sexy. Perfect for covering up the tummy area and showing off your other assets instead.


Mesh and satin chemise with see through cups
A chemise provides tummy coverage, and is loose fitting around the tummy area. Some, like this one, are shaped to create the appearance of a smaller waist.

Chemises are a sexy piece of nightwear otherwise known as a nightie. They tend to be longer than Babydolls, coming to anywhere between mid-thigh and the knees. They are a tighter fit than Babydolls and have a straighter appearance to the way they hang. Again, the tummy is well covered and your lover will enjoy the satin or lace feel of the material.


The benefit of bodysuits – they offer complete coverage of the tummy area!

Bodysuits allow you to cover up that tummy area while still looking hot hot hot! Designed to look sleek and sexy, bodysuit lingerie will fit you like a glove but still leave plenty of flexibility in the material. These are comfortable to wear due to the stretchy fabric and if you opt for a crotchless style then you can keep your tummy covered all night long.

Finding those tummy flattering sexy lingerie styles can be vital to boosting that self esteem, and allowing you to enjoy a night of passion. Hopefully our guide will have helped you to look and feel your best in more daring women’s underwear styles.

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