Sexy Lingerie For Small Busts – A Guide To Maximising Your Curves

Finding the best sexy lingerie for small busts can be difficult. You may struggle to identify flattering and well fitting styles that will maximise your curves. A badly fitted bra which lacks any flattering qualities can leave you looking and feeling flat. Fortunately, there’s many sexy bra styles which can enhance small busts leaving you feeling sexy and curvy. It’s just a question of clever shopping. Our guide will help you find something that compliments your small bust, giving lift and definition.

Hold onto your hats girls, we’re about to show you how small busts can look fuller and rounder – it’s just a matter of popping them in the right lingerie!

Push Up Bras

Black push up bra
A push up bra lift and scoops your boobs to create extra cleavage!

Push up bras give smaller breasted women a more prominent chest. Their construction gives breasts a much more rounded appearance. Push up styles are designed to lift and scoop breasts, instantly giving a fuller cleavage. They contain padding in the cups which gives a full and natural look. A balconette style bra can create an attractive “shelf” type cleavage.

Wear With: Babydolls and Chemises, plus a Naughty Thong.

Longline Bras

longline bra with black lace cups
Wearing longline bras creates lots of interest and shape around the torso.

Longline bras are pretty and feminine, with their figure enhancing properties creating a lot of interest on the upper torso. These retro styled bras are great for women of all shapes and sizes. They are often worn by curvy women as a way of providing more structure and shape, but they work equally well on smaller chest sizes too.  These bras provide so much more to look at because they don’t just cover your boobs. Your lover’s attention will continue down past your cleavage as they admire the fabric and sensual shapes created around your midriff.

Wear With: Sexy Knickers, Suspenders and Stockings.

Quarter and Half Cup Bras

Quarter cup bra in pink and black satin
Quarter and half cup bras push your breasts up from underneath. Your whole breast will rest on them, spilling over the cup perfectly!

Quarter and half cup bras were designed with smaller breasts in mind. Once on you don’t have the worry of not having enough support or having too much boob spilling over which can end up looking awkward. Instead, quarter and half cup bras look perfect on smaller women and provide them lift and shape. These types of bras cover up to half of your breasts, with the rest peeping seductively out, ready to play. A quarter cup bra is the perfect sexy lingerie for small busts!

Wear With: Nipple Pasties, Sheer Robe, Sexy Lace Knickers.

Cage Bras

cage bra in see through black lace
Opting for Cage bras creates lots of shape and interest around the breast, and the sexy fabric shapes will increase the appearance of your bust area.

A cage bra is a perfect choice for women with smaller breasts. The additional detailing around the breasts creates sexy shape and definition. Your breasts will look amazing, and your lover will enjoy the visuals added by strapping either under or on top of your cups.  Ladies with smaller breasts will look great in these bras, which are high on sex appeal and low on support.

Wear With: Cage Back Knickers and Suspenders.

Underbust Corset

Underbust corset in black pvc
Create interest and lift around your bust as well as a shapely waist with an underbust corset!

Underbust corsets are fab for boosting your bust and giving you some shape by sculpting those hips. They allow more breathing space than the more traditional, overbust corsets and as a bonus, they lift your chest up. Underbust corsets can be worn with some sexy stockings and knickers, or even on its own or as part of a role play costume. These corsets usually fasten up at the front making them practical too.

Wear With: Nipple Pasties and Sexy Lace Knickers.

Try an Open Cup Bra With Some Nipple Tassels!

Make your boobs the star of the show with an open cup bra and nipple tassels!

For some added excitement, why not add some nipple tassels to your boobs in an open cup bra? These will certainly bring all eyes to your breasts and add a fun and sexy element into the bedroom shenanigans. Small and firm breasts hold their shape well so tassels will look incredibly sexy once they are on. They aren’t just for Burlesque stars and these days  frequent many bedrooms. They come in an abundance of shapes and sizes  and they don’t need to be expensive either.

We hope our guide to choosing sexy lingerie for small busts has helped add some new ideas to your shopping lists. Why not check out our guide on choosing colours for sexy lingerie or read about types of sexy bras for more naughty underwear inspo!

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