Types of Sexy Bras – A Guide To Buying & Wearing

Bras purely for the bedroom don’t need the same all day wearability and support that a standard bra provides. That gives more scope for adventurous shapes and sexy fabrics.

Every woman will have their own preferences when it comes to styles of bras and it’s important to be comfortable as this will equate to feeling confident. Having said this, you don’t need to factor in the colour of clothes on top or worry if your bra pattern will show through. This gives you the freedom to choose from a wider range than you perhaps would for day to day usage. So ditch those boring work bras and embrace the world of sexy bras to brighten up your love life.

Our guide takes a look at different types of sexy bras to try in the bedroom!

Underwired Bras

red lace underwired bra
Underwired bras offer more support and structure.

Underwired bras have wiring under each cup as a means of offering extra support for the breasts. These more structured bras are a popular choice among women with more ample busts who need a bit of support and lift. Underwired bras are suitable for all breast sizes though – large and small. Some come with padding which gives more shape to the cups which can be a real confidence booster.

Triangle Bras

black lace triangle bra
Triangle bras offer a soft, natural fit.

Triangle bras get their name from the triangular material across the cups. The straps each side meet the tip of the triangle shape. These bras are fantastic for keeping your breasts’ natural shape as there is usually no padding. You get a sexy v-shaped neckline too and with fabrics such as lace and sheer, there is plenty to explore. They are best suited to small to medium chest sizes, they won’t offer enough support for larger chest sizes.

Soft Cup Bras

red lace soft cup bra
Triangle bras offer a soft, natural fit but not much support.

The name is quite self-explanatory when it comes to soft cup bras. These types of bras have no underwire or padding, so they will feel soft and natural once on. They are very pretty and are usually delicate to look at but are only really suitable for smaller busts and even then don’t offer much in the way of shape or definition. However, for bedroom sauciness, soft cup bras are perfect and comfortable too.

Push-Up Bras

black lace push up bra
Push up bras give a boost to your breasts!

Push-up bras do what it says on the tin, they lift the breasts giving them shape and definition. They enhance the cleavage and boost your bust wonderfully. Push up bras have underwire and usually padding on the cups too. Push up bras create that sexy plunging neckline look which is very sexy.

Padded Bras

black padded bra with lace detailing
Padded bras define boob shape beautifully!

Padded bras offer extra shape in the form of padding or moulding in the cups, which can sometimes be taken out. They can be a real confidence booster because they ultimately give your boobs a defined shape which also acts as extra support. Padded bras usually give the cleavage a great plunge look too which is perfect for sexy bedroom fun.

Half Cup Bras

black half cup bra
Half cup bras are a naughty way to expose the nipples whilst still offering some support!

Half cup bras are great for a naughty night in as opposed to a day in the office. They are less supportive than full cupped bras and these have the intention of having your boobs and nipples on show. Due to the half cups, your cleavage will be flattered immensely which will put everyone in a sexy mood. These bras might not be suitable for large breast sizes due to the lack of support.

Quarter Cup Bras

black and pink satin quarter cup bra
Cheeky quarter cup cut exposes most of the breast but give some support from underneath.

Quarter cup bras offer less support than half cup ones so these might not work without wearing something on top if you have a larger bust. The material of the cups sits higher up finishing just under your nipples. These bras are popular for bedroom fun because they provide lift, shape and support too.

Open Cup Bras

black open cup bra with lace under panel
An open cup leaves nothing to the imagination!

Open cup bras let you bare all, quite literally. There are no cups on this style of bra so you have material under the cups and you have the straps and back with open cups. A great choice of wear for a night of sexiness for women with small to medium breast sizes. Why not add some tassels to your nipples for added naughtiness?

Peek-A-Boo Bras

black lace peek a boo bra
Peek a boo bras offer tantilising glimpses of your boobs!

Peek-A-Boo bras are great for setting a scene of romance without being OTT.  This bra style gives a sneaky peak of your breasts without revealing too much. These can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes and some come with support such as padding and underwiring. The slit in the bra cups will leave your lover excited to see the rest.

LongLine Bras

black lace longline bra
Longline bras create a flattering shape.

Longline bras have an extended piece of fabric under the bust which can vary in length depending on the style you choose. These tend to stay in place providing you with better support while still looking great. The advantage to these is that you achieve a flattering shape that is smooth and sleek.

What To Wear With A Sexy Bra

Once you’ve settled on a bra style for that naughty night you need to start thinking about what to team it up with. We’ve got you covered with our selection of perfect accompaniments to that sexy bra below:

  • Crotchless thong
  • Lace shorts
  • Wet Look high waisted knickers
  • Suspender thong
  • Lace G-string

The many different types of sexy bras will hopefully now be de-mystified and you’ll have some great shopping ideas to suit you!

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