How To Feel Comfortable in Sexy Lingerie

It’s important to feel comfortable in any garment, but this is particularly true when sliding into some sexy lingerie. If you don’t feel comfortable, you won’t feel sexy!

Slender legs in net stockings
Choose sexy lingerie you feel confident and comfortable in!

How many times have you opted for an outfit that you thought looked good but regretted wearing it? You end up in an ill fitting outift that means the night is uncomfortable and long. We’ve all been there. From those high heels that could have done with being 3 inches lower, to that sexy thong that now feels anything but sexy. Sexy ingerie is no different and you won’t feel sexy unless your outfit is also comfortable and well fitting.

Confidence is Everything when it Comes to Wearing Sexy Lingerie

We all have parts of our body we aren’t so comfortable with and, would rather cover-up or flatter as much as possible. Whether it’s your bum, your hips or your tummy that you aren’t keen on, it’s important to choose lingerie that won’t make you feel exposed. If you aren’t a fan of your not-so toned tummy, choosing lingerie that leaves that area uncovered will make you feel very self-conscious. Being sexy and feeling sexy means looking great and loving how you look in what you have chosen to wear.

When choosing underwear, stick with what you know you will enjoy wearing. It can be a nice surprise for your lover if you choose something to please them, but you need to feel sexy when wearing it. Sometimes overthinking can take the sexy feeling out of passionate nights in. Instead, pick lingerie suited to your own sensual style.

Experiment With Some Roleplay

Sometimes, stepping outside your comfort zone and into the look and personality of someone else can be a confidence booster. This is especially the case if things are a little predictable and dare we say, boring, in the bedroom. If you don’t feel sexy as your everyday self, why not pretend to be someone else?

The great thing with role-play is that you are in charge of how far you take it. Perhaps a simple babydoll with a wig and heels will be more than enough to add a missing spark? Maybe you know your lover has a thing for belly dancers and you choose to go all out in costume, performing a sexy dance? The glorious thing is that it can be as subtle or as extravagant as you wish.

Choose A Colour That Looks Great On You!

So you’ve chosen the style of lingerie to suit you and you’ve figured out what you are comfortable in. Now it’s important to know which colours to go for. Pink may be your favourite colour but does pink compliment your skin tone, your eyes and hair colour? Looking washed out or looking lost in a bold colour might mean you don’t feel as sexy as you could.  Go for a colour that makes your eyes shine their brightest, a shade that suits your hair and gives you a beautiful glow.

Our guide on how to choose colours for sexy lingerie will help you find the perfect shade!

Choose Lingerie That Suits Your Body Type To Maximise Self Confidence

Knowing and accepting your body shape is oh-so-important ladies. Embrace those flaws and choose lingerie which shows you in the most flattering light.

There is no perfect body. Instead of striving for perfection, embrace your beautiful self and dress yourself lovingly. If you have great legs then choose lingerie which shows these off. A teddy with some stockings and heels will elongate your pins even more.

If you are rather proud of your peachy rear then what about a cheeky cut out knickers set? There is such a vast range of lingerie out there that you will find something for your shape. Babydolls are very forgiving due to the way they loosely hang around your body. If you have more lumps and bumps than you’d like, then this might be the perfect choice for you.

Our guide to choosing sexy lingerie to flatter your body type will help!

Sometimes Simple Styles Are The Best

When you are trying to find a sexy item of lingerie for yourself be sure to not over complicate the overall look.

For example, you might have your eye on a skimpy, see-through bodysuit. Then you decide it needs a robe, maybe some stockings, oh and if you have stockings on you better get some heels too. Now you’ve done all this you think you better curl your hair and do some makeup, phew by the time you’ve finished you’ll be wanting sleep, not romance!

Take a step back and try a more simplistic approach. A babydoll, sexy nightie or a chemise are all equally sexy and flattering to wear without having to spend an hour getting ready. Slip on a silky nightie, tie your hair back and spray on some perfume – job done. You might even have time for a glass of wine before your lover turns up!

Try Different Styles Until You Find Your Lingerie Unicorn!

You might not find your perfect combination or favourite lingerie styles right away.

It takes a lot of experimenting and time to find what works for you. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and sometimes what we think will work and feel great turns out to be a big fat disappointment.

Almost as disappointing as the “sexy” bra and knickers set your lover bought years ago that’s never seen the light of day! Be in tune with your body and learn to choose flattering styles that you know you’ll feel great in. If you feel great, you look great and your confidence will be sky high. You’ll ooze sexiness, which is a recipe for success in the bedroom. If you persevere you’ll soon find that how to feel comfortable in sexy lingerie becomes second nature.

Don’t be afraid to explore sexy lingerie – there is a world of choice out there and something was made just for you!

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