How To Choose Colours For Sexy Lingerie

If you struggle with how to choose colours for sexy lingerie, we’ve compiled a handy guide to help you work out which colours will compliment you best!

Shopping for sexy lingerie can be a minefield with so many styles and cuts to choose from. Your mind may be utterly boggled trying to choose a lingerie set, or super sexy pair of knickers that’ll make you look and feel sexy.

During our search for that sexy lingerie unicorn, we often don’t factor in a crucial part of the thought process – colours. You might have a favourite go-to colour but are you aware of what actually compliments your hair colour most? Which colours leave you glowing and which might make your skin appear a bit dull? Also, have you considered what matches your hair and eyes? Keep reading, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing Sexy Lingerie For Your Skin Tone

Let’s start by looking at skin tone, because this is one of the first things people naturally notice about another person. Knowing your skin tone is so important and allows you to make better choices when choosing sexy underwear.

Darker Skin Tones

dark skinned woman in leopard print bodysuit.
Popping colours and daring prints are sizzling with darker skin tones.

If you have a dark skin tone then you have the biggest range of choices out there. This is because darker skin isn’t in danger of looking washed out or dull so you really can get away with almost any sexy lingerie colour. To emphasise your dark skin tone choose bright colours – think pinks, yellows, reds, blues, and whites for proper stand out shades. Sheer white bodysuits or a pink bodystocking will look very sexy against darker skin.

Lighter Skin Tones

pale skinned woman in purple lingerie taking a selfie
Shades of purple compliment lighter skin tones perfectly.

Next, we look at lighter skin colourings and this can be harder to get right depending on how pale you are. You are best to give a wide berth to pastel colours like, yellow. They don’t compliment your skin tone and instead will leave you looking washed out. Instead, focus on dark greens, greys, dark blues, dark reds, browns, purples, and bright blues. A gorgeous purple chemise or sexy wine red basque will look awesome on ladies with pale skin.

Olive Skin Tones

lady with olive skin on bed wearing deep pink lingerie.
Ladies with olive skin will look amazing in deep pink lingerie like this set.

Olive skin can get away with lots of colours but mixtures of orange, reds, yellows, greens, blues, turquoises, purples, dark pinks, and whites will look particularly good. You can really show off your gorgeous olive skin in a stunning red basque or a beautiful blue satin bra and knickers set.

Choosing Sexy Lingerie For Your Hair Colour

Now let’s talk about hair colours! This should definitely be a factor when picking out that erotic bodystocking or babydoll. Long or short, curly or straight, the shade of your hair can influence the underwear colours that’ll flatter you most

Blonde Hair

blonde woman in gold and black bustier.
If you are blonde then rich shades of gold creates an erotic look that compliments your hair.

Let’s look at some colours to avoid first. The paler your blonde hair is the more you should avoid warmer colours as they will just pull the life out of your appearance. This includes oranges, reds and golds – they don’t compliment pale blonde hair at all. Instead swathe yourself in cooler toned pastels, light greens, greys and blues.

Warmer blondes can get away with oranges and reds due to the blonde being a bit darker in appearance which means it’ll compliment these tones. However, warmer blondes are best avoiding the colours suited to the paler blondes as the cooler tones will not be as complimentary.

Brunette Hair

Deep, rich tones make brilliant underwear choices for brunettes.

What colours should brunettes embrace? Put simply, the warmer and richer the better ladies so lean towards reds, oranges, browns, dark greens, dark purples and golds. Try to stay away from pastel colours as these do tend to give you a washed out look. Look fabulous in a pair of red Crotchless knickers or look inviting wearing a deep purple bodysuit.


Most shades of blue will look amazing on redheads!

Redheads, the best colours to enhance your red locks will leave you looking fabulous. You won’t go far wrong when choosing your lingerie in colours including sultry dark greens, dark purples and plums, and most shades of blues, reds and whites. This leaves you with lots of lingerie choices for your perfect bra set or a sexy bodystocking. With red hair, you should try to avoid oranges and yellows. These will clash with your hair tones, unless you are a very dark auburn.

Choosing Sexy Lingerie For Your Eye Colour

It’s all in those eyes – get fluttering those eyelashes and look seductive in  colour-coordinated naughty  lingerie. It is true that the colour you are wearing brings out the colour in your eyes so choose wisely.

Blue Eyes

blue eyed woman beside deep pink flowers
Blue eyes look super sultry when paired with deep pinks.

If blue is your eye colour then stick to sexy underwear in shades of black, grey, white, pink and white. A floaty white nightie will ensure your eyes are sparkling while a sexy black corset deepens the eyes for maximum impact.

Brown Eyes

brown eye surrounded by gold paint
Shades of gold look vibrant and sexy with brown eyes.

For brown-eyed girls try sticking to dark greens, golds, some shades of pink and blues. If your eyes are a hazel brown then look towards choosing darker colours such as black, dark brown, grey and deep red.

Green Eyes

Vibrant shades of purple lingerie create a mesmerising erotic look.

Green eyes will be accentuated by choosing lingerie in dark greens, dark yellows, dark pinks and various shades of purple. So whether it’s a classy robe in dark pink or a sexy halterneck teddy in purple you can be sure eyes may not be the focus of your lover’s attention.

Hopefully our guide on choosing those sexy lingerie colours will have helped you find some killer shades for seduction. If you’d like to know more about what lingerie styles will flatter your body shape, we have a guide for that too!

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