How To Choose Sexy Lingerie For Your Body Type

Buying some underwear for a spot of seduction isn’t always as straightforward as it seems.  Lots of naughty lingerie styles look great on a model. But when it comes to your average woman who (much to the designer’s horror) lacks legs and boobs of Amazonian proportions, things can become difficult.

Many ladies falling outside the shape range of the “average woman”  that naughty underwear tends to be fashioned around find it difficult. It can be a fruitless process trying to find the lingerie that will enhance your best bits.

We know all too well how important it is to feel confident and sexy when we’re dressed for seduction. A sexy night in loses some of its glamour when you are hiding behind a door in shame, or clutching at your bum because you think its sticking out too much.

So here it is our handy dandy guide to choosing naughty underwear that fits and flatters your body type!

Before we get started, take the time to consider an important question.

How Do You Feel?

An important question you have to ask yourself is: How confident are you feeling about your body?  How do you respond when you catch sight of yourself naked in the mirror? 

The best way to start choosing some sexy underwear is to pick one area of your body you really want to enhance, and another you want to draw attention from and start from there. Easier said than done? 

Some basic body types and the kind of lingerie that looks good on them: –

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curvy figure in a corset basque
Hourglass figures look fab in a corset or basque.

The hourglass figure is by far the most versatile when it comes to finding erotic lingerie to truly sizzle in. Blessed with gorgeous curves and a well defined waist, just about any outfit will look good on you.

Picking out a sassy corset or bustier that laces up will allow you to accentuate your boobs, curves and your waist. Team it up with some stockings for a truly explosive combination.  There’s a huge selection of corsets to choose from as vintage and burlesque underwear fashions are very hot at the moment.

Apple Shape

apple shape figure in a sheer filmy babydoll
Sheer filmy babydolls flatter an apple shaped body by providing tummy coverage.

If you have an apple body shape you’ll most likely carry a lot of your excess weight on your tummy but are likely to have killer legs.

Draw attention away from the tummy area by making good use of sheer and filmy fabrics in loose fitting styles. An ideal outfit for seduction is a sexy babydoll. If you have good cleavage, get yourself a cup sized babydoll with a good push up fit and team it with some fishnets.

Emphasise those gorgeous legs and boobs and cover your tum with some filmy fabric – it’s a dead cert recipe for seduction!

Slender Athletic Figure

althetic figure in two piece bra set with suspenders
Slender athletic builds look great in two piece sets.

Those with a slender figure often have slim, athletic looks that other women envy, but have fewer curves which can feel like a downside.

Two piece sets which show off your toned tum featuring an underwire bra to make the most of your cleavage will create a sexy look.  If you choose a bra style that features bulky detailing such as lace or satin ruffles it will give the illusion of a much bigger bust.

Large Bust

large busted figure in halterneck babydoll
A cup size or halter neck babydoll can be a great option for ladies with larger busts.

Women with larger busts often have difficulty finding a naughty outfit that will fit all of their curves. Most seductive outfits are made within “average” size ranges which can cause the DD+ lady some serious frustration when underwear shopping!

First off, it’s obvious you’ll need to support your bust.  A halter neck style outfit can often give the support you need whilst accentuating your best assets.  Many retailers now produce cup sized babydolls.

A sexy corset or basque can also work well. To accommodate your bust you’ll need to buy a size larger than you usually do. The lace up fastenings will then allow you to tailor the fit of the garment to the rest of your body shape.

Finally, if your boobs are large but quite pert you might consider a half cup or cupless bra.  Very hot!  If you have slight concerns about support, team a cupless bra with a stretchy skintight chemise and some stockings and suspenders. This will create a sizzling look with a little uplift for your boobs. It will also allow you to cover up your tummy and thighs if you aren’t 100% confident with your body.

Small Bust

small bust in push up basque
Push up basques and bustiers can help make the most of a smaller bust.

For a small bust a corset or bustier can help push up those curves and give you a sensual look. As above, select a bra that has good underwire and features dramatic ruffles and detailing. This will give the illusion of a much larger bust.

Go for dramatic stockings and suspenders too. This will give great overall impact and draw attention to your legs and bum.

Pear Shaped

Flattering chemise on pear shaped body
Pear shaped figures suit flattering chemise styles that offer a little coverage around the bum and thighs.

If you are pear shaped your figure will be a little more bottom heavy with more of your excess weight resting on your bum and thighs than on other areas.

If you are concerned about your bum and thighs draw attention away from these areas by choosing a really dramatic bra or cleavage boosting style.  A longer baby doll or even a low cut silk chemise that will cover your bum and upper thighs.

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