How To Buy Lingerie For Your Wife or Girlfriend

Or, how to buy lingerie as a gift without ending up single!

So there’s a special day coming up for your significant other.  What to buy?  An obvious answer is lingerie, but for many men what to buy and in what size is a terrifying mystery.  Also, what style of lingerie should you buy for your wife or girlfriend?  It’s way too easy to buy something inappropriate or in the wrong size, which can cause no end of offence.

This usually has men dashing for the perfume or gift vouchers.  However, when you get it right, underwear can be a much appreciated intimate gift.

Great, so how do we get buying lingerie as a gift right?

Panic ye not chaps.  Buying the right underwear is achievable in a few easy steps!

Have a Think About What She Would Feel Good In -Not What You Want To See!

The most common mistake is treating a lingerie buying expedition as the opportunity to buy your good lady some daring undies you’ve never seen her in.  Look, who’s this underwear for?  The chances are if your wife or girlfriend has never lept out from behind the front door at you in a dominatrix outfit, she’s really, really not going to appreciate you buying her one as a surprise.  Chances are she’ll (rightly) assume you bought a gift for yourself and want her to wear it for your entertainment.    This is definitely the right way to find yourself spending your romantic night in the dog house! Ask yourself the following questions….

What Lingerie Would She Like?

Try to find out what kind of underwear she likes to wear (surely you’ll have noticed!).  Work out if she likes thongs or not, look at what style of bras she tends to wear. Have a bit of a chat over a glass of wine and work out whether or not the prospect of suspenders is alluring to her, or if she’s likely to achieve orbit if you buy her some.

How Does She Dress?

The daring nature (or otherwise) of her outerwear will give you some clues as to what she is likely to appreciate as an underwear gift.  If she tends towards plunging necklines, and tight, low cut trousers then she may appreciate a more provocative choice.  However, if her wardrobe consists of loose-fitting modest clothing, now may not be the time to buy her something that Dita Von Teese would wear out to dinner!

If You’re Still Not Sure…

A bit of a failsafe option is a luxurious chemise and robe or loose fitting camisole and panties in a fabric such as silk or satin.  A pair of beautifully cut silk pyjamas with a sassy camisole would also be a better bet for romance than buying her something that’ll make her feel like a hooker.

For God Sake, Buy The Right Size…

OK, this one is not hard chaps, but its something that so many men get wrong.  If you buy a size that’s too small, you’ll make her feel fat. If you buy her a size that’s too big you’ll make her think YOU THINK she’s too fat (which is far worse I can assure you).  This one has happened to me.  My ex boyfriend bought me a size 16 robe for Christmas a few years back.  This told me one of two things.  Firstly, “He thinks I need this size, and my real size is 10” and secondly “He’s so lazy he couldn’t be bothered to make sure he bought the right size.”

It’s not hard to find out your other half’s bra size.  For a start, you can always just ask her.  “Honey, you have beautiful breasts.  I adore them.  What size are they?”  Alternatively, if you’ve been with your lady for a while and might offend her by asking a question you’re supposed to know the answer to, just take a gander in her knicker drawer and write down the bra and knicker sizes you see in there. If there is more than one size, write them all down and take them into an underwear shop and ask a sales assistant for a hand.  They’ll be able to help you!

What Colour Should You Buy?

Open her wardrobe doors.  If there are some colours you see cropping up a lot, you can bet they are her favourites.  Buy her something in that kind of shade.  If in doubt, black and cream and safe classics.


Keep the receipt and make sure that what you buy is returnable!

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